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Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter Reaches Back To Gold Box Adventures For Inspiration
(SSI), and set in the AD&D universe are imprinted upon gamers. Now, the many of the designers of these Gold Box adventures are back with a new computer game Kickstarter called The Seven Dragon Saga In a shout out to the old company, these people are calling themselves Tactical Simulations Interactive (TSI) It is almost a[...]
The Missing Cyber Force Information That Enraged Retailers (UPDATE)
As we reported previously, a bunch of retailers have expressed concern over the free Cyber Force relaunch, funded by Kickstarter and intended to be given away both digitally and in print – with the print version getting two extra pages by Marc Silvestri. And retailers have been concerned. Tonight, it seems the penny dropped as to why[...]
Kickstart From The Heart – Misunderstanding Comics With Tim Heiderich
Bleeding Cool's Kickstarter Correspondent, Shawn Demumbrum has lead three Kickstarter campaigns to launch comic books, two successfully funded and one that wasn't Each week he will point out some of the unique Kickstarter projects that wouldn't normally be published by the big comic book companies, but deserve your attention Shawn's current project Break the Walls:[...]
Will You Help A Seventeen Year Old Put On A Chicago Comic Con?
He says; My goal is to showcase independent comic book creators and people trying to break into the business primarily from Chicago.  I plan to have artists booths to showcase their wares and a pre-party to have an opportunity to have a one on one with the artists.  Funds will be used to pay for the venue,[...]
Danger Academy Cartoon In Development For US Television
Danger Academy is a comic book by the familiar team of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood for Kickstart It's been featured om Bleeding Cool a few times, just not on the right hand side of the site. It's here today because I understand that Kickstart are developing Danger Academy with a Hollywood writer/producer for American television[...]
PREVIEW: Danger Academy #1 by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood
Fresh from Kickstart, from the Bleeding Cool favourite team of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, comes Danger Academy Harry Potter-meets-James Bond, that kind of thing, with a certain subtle family tree of international espionage. The first book is out in December, but here's a sizeable preview to whet your appetite. Say, Brella couldn't possibly be the dughter[...]