Kill 6 Billion Demons

The 8 Best Fantasy Comics Available Right Freaking Now

Fantasy Comics: The 8 Best Titles Available Right Freaking Now

Seven to Eternity is a worthy addition to their collaborative work, with fantastic, troubled characters trying to restore balance in a world overrun with lies and distrust.There are already several graphic novel collections of Seven to Eternity available from Image Comics. Kill 6 Billion Demons: Game Changing Fantasy Web Comic There are plenty of fantastic fantasy stories being[...]

'Lancer' Sci-Fi Mech RPG Launches on Kickstarter

'Lancer' Sci-Fi Mech RPG Launches on Kickstarter

For the rest, that golden age remains a dream to be attained. [caption id="attachment_1015858" align="aligncenter" width="600"] //Credit: Massif Press[/caption]The world building is already top-notch, and that's not a surprise, considering one of the master-minds behind Lancer is Tom Parkinson Morgan, the writer of Kill 6 Billion Demons and Broken Worlds I only say not surprising now,[...]