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DC Comics is putting out an Absolute Edition for Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's classic Batman story The Killing Joke. Absolute Editions, pioneered by Scott Dunbier for The Authority series, are oversized-hardcover volumes in a slipcase And in this case, the slipcase will have a new cover by Brian Bolland, a profile version of the original[...]
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As always, this is a rumor and should not be treated as an absolute fact. According to The Wrap, the Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese Joker origin movie will draw some inspiration from The Killing Joke In this version of the movie, the Joker will be a failed '80s comedian who goes mad after he can't make it[...]
The Killing Joke Screenings Will Promote The Comic Shop Locator Website
Next week, the USA will see one night cinema screenings of The Killing Joke across the country, alongside the release of the animated movie digitally and on DVD/Blu-Ray. Before the  movie airs, the audience will see a plug for Comic Shop Locator and the CBIA website, promoting local comic stores. Just in case any attendee wants to[...]
Kids T-Shirt Spoils The Final Page Of Batman: The Killing Joke
Such as this charming boy's T-shirt featuring the final page of The Killing Joke. As they say "Tees with cheeky attitude is what we do best, and our little kids range for boys is no exception! Take your pick from classic tees or tees with a cool print For the fashion conscious chap, we've got some[...]
DC Comics On The Killing Joke Animated Adaptation – And More
revealed the three DC Universe Original Movies that will be released in 2016, including an adaptation of the classic Joker story, Batman: The Killing Joke. Batman: The Killing Joke is the seminal graphic novel written by Alan Moore and drawn by Brian Bolland that offers up a potential (but not exactly trustworthy) origin for the Joker,[...]
SDCC '15 – Bruce Timm Confirms He's Doing A Killing Joke Animated Film
We don't have any further details right now, since the Bruce Timm Gods and Monsters panel at San Diego Comic Con is still in progress, but Bleeding Cool reporter Will Romine has just let us know that Bruce Timm has confirmed that he's working on a Killing Joke animated film, as previously speculated upon. We[...]
Brian Bolland Talks Killing Joke, Past, Present And Future
The other day we ran a snippet of a then-upcoming interview with Brian Bolland in Russia, from the website in which he talked about a possible sequel to The Killing Joke, his classic Batman story with Alan Moore. The full interview has now run, including further mention of a Killing Joke sequel, and how Bolland has[...]
DC Asked Brian Bolland For A Killing Joke Sequel
Harleys' Joker The site reports that Brian Bolland told them that several months ago DC Comics earnestly invited him to draw a sequel to The Killing Joke. The writer on the comic would be Brian Azzarello. However, Bolland chose not to go ahead as he is no longer drawing comics because of his age and that the book would have just taken too long to draw[...]
France Solves The Problem Of The Batman Killing Joke Colour Scheme
When Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, it was coloured by Jon Higgins with a garish colour scheme, lots of purples and greens and oranges clashing hard. Hen it was remastered recently, the book was recoloured by Bolland to more muted, darker, knocked back pages, more in line with his intended vision. But[...]
The Crippling Of Barbara Gordon In The Killing Joke Sells For Six Figures
Never meant to be a part of official Batman continuity, The Killing Joke saw a confrontation between Batman and The Joker leading to the Joker trying to turn Gordon into a madman by attacking his daughter, just as the Joker lost a wife and unborn child and Bruce Wayne lost his parents As the story[...]
Whatever Happened To The Cover Of The Killing Joke?
In the eighties, DC Comics published a Batman comic called The Killing Joke By Alan Moore and Brian Bolland You may have heard of it. Controversial, hated and loved, cherished by some, seen as all that is wrong with comics by others, disowned by its writer and elevated by his fans, there have been essays, books,[...]
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Here's something from late last night:  It appears to be an original page from Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's The Killing Joke from DC Comics which differs from the final print image in the comic Brian Bolland, when shown this Twitpic, has confirmed to Bleeding Cool that it is genuine artwork and that he was,[...]
Killing The Weekend – Sunday Trending Topics
Would we get an explanation for why Batman is staring at his glove? Had he picked up a Joker needle? Was it the device he'd use to kill The Joker? So How Did The Joker Die In The Killing Joke? And The Script Of The Final Page But Julian looks at one of the Joker's own poisoned[...]
Joker, Joker, Joker – Saturday Trending Topics
Discussion on the true meaning of The Killing Joke sweeps the top three trending spots from yesterday. But, with the discussion earlier, there was one page we wanted to especially see… Page 42 Would we get an explanation for why Batman is staring at his glove? Had he picked up a Joker needle? Was it the[...]
The Punchline Of The Killing Joke – Friday Trending Topics
25 years after publication, Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland became a topic of lively conversation across twitter and the internet And trending again today, I see. Most-Read Comic Stories Friday: When Batman Killed The Joker At The End Of The Killing Joke – Grant Morrison Talks To Kevin Smith And no, I hadn't[...]
So How Did The Joker Die In The Killing Joke? And The Script Of The Final Page
That's Julian Darius from his book And the Universe so Big: Understanding Batman: The Killing Joke Available on the Kindle here in the UK and here in the USA. Yesterday we ran Grant Morrison's rather convincing theory that Batman kills The Joker at the end of The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland[...]
Swipe File: Joker Vs Quackerjack
No sooner are Boom embroiled in a trademark battle over the use of the word "Kaboom" in a comics publishing context, than they may have a battle with DC on their hands… okay, no, not really, this is the "homage" thing that few people have an issue with, though some publishers may choose to[...]