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Good Smile Company Reveals Two New Sword Art Online Statues
We are traveling Aincrad again with the hit anime Sword Art Online this time as both Asuna and Kirito are back Both hit protagonists are back, featuring their outfits from within the game world, with Asuna wearing her Knights of the Blood Oath Kirito, on the other hand, will feature his black costume from his[...]
Sword Art Online Receives New Wave of Funko Pop Vinyls
The wave will consist of the two main characters Kirito and Asuna, who will also be getting retailer exclusives Kirito will be sporting his iconic dual sword skill in a jumping action pose as he gets an exclusive Pop heading to Hot Topic Asuna, on the other hand, will also be jumping into action with[...]
Auto Draft
No matter what though, it always comes back to Kirito and Asuna They are two characters that have fought with their love through the test of time through Aincard, ALfheima, and now the Underworld This time Asuna isn't battling monsters or men in her newest Sword Art Online statue but is shown relaxing in her[...]
“Sword Art Online” Returns to ALfheim with New Leafa Statue
After our main here Kirito got free of the first VR prison he joins a new game and takes to the skies ALfheim gives our favorite heroes new avatars and a new mission We were also introduced to a new protagonist Kirito's cousin/adoptive sister Suguha In Sword Art Online she takes up the avatar Leafa[...]
Batman Gets a Life-Size Bust for His Tactical Suit from Infinity Studio
Along with our favorite hero Kirito, these two are a match made in heaven Fans have easily grown and watched these two characters get closer and closer throughout the years Easy Eight has announced a new Asuna Starry Night Statue from the recent film Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. The statue is highly detailed as always quite[...]