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GI Joe Ultimates Wave 2 Up For Order From Super7
This new wave will features Flint and Lady Jaye on the Joes side and the Baroness and Destro on the Cobra side These are based on their looks from the classic 80's cartoon A Real American Hero That is why you get Baroness in her blue outfit instead of her iconic black, for instance All[...]
G.I. Joe: Paramount, Skydance Developing Lady Jaye Amazon TV Series
Lady Jaye, one of the most popular characters in G.I Joe, will be developed into a live-action television series courtesy of Erik Oleson, Paramount TV, eOne, and Skydance for Amazon Prime Video, according to Deadline Hollywood The character was last played in the film by Adrianne Palicki in Paramount's 2013 sequel G.I Joe: Retaliation[...]
Flint & Lady Jaye Join The G.I. Joe Classified Line From Hasbro
Equally amazing is the other reveal: Lady Jaye She was always my favorite female Joe, and boy did they do her justice here She will come with a removable hat, tactical knife, extra spear heads, backpack, go-pro camera, and a javelin launcher You can check them out below. GI Joe Classified Flint & Lady Jaye Packaged Both[...]
GI Joe Lady Jane is Back with a New Variant Kotobukiya Statue
Lady Jaye is ready to destroy Cobra and look good doing it in her here Bishoujo appearance GI Joe fans have already seen a Lady Jaye statue before but this time she is who in a Canary Ann costume With yellow overalls and a red hat, this Joe is ready to head into the city[...]
G.I. Joe Gets Sexy with New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
Lady Jaye makes her appearance and is ready to take on Cobra all by herself The paint and the styling are supposedly based on the original colors from the old school G.I Joe's It does mention that the packaging is based on the old GI Joe packaging as well and I wish we were able[...]
G.I. Joe Scarlett Kotobukiya Statue
This was also on display at New York Toy Fair, where they teased a Baroness and Lady Jaye. You can preorder for shipping in August here Check out more details and pics of the statue below. The world's first series of action figures created by Hasbro, G.I Joe follows a group of heroes in their fight against[...]