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The New Predator Walmart Exclusive Figures From Lanard Are Deadly
Recently, new figures from hit science fiction franchises Predator and Aliens appeared exclusively to Walmart from Lanard Toys Being massive fans of both series, we just had to go on the hunt and find some of ourselves, and boy, we were impressed We recently showed off the new 12" Predator that Lanard Toys also released,[...]
Predator Fans Have A new 12 Inch Figure To Get From Lanard Toys
Predator has joined Alien with new toy lines from Lanard Toys, and I am conflicted about it The Predator figures are new this month and come in both seven inches and the deluxe version, which we will look at here These are not high cost, as this big figure only costs $20, but someone other[...]
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Lanard Toys shocked everyone a couple months ago, revealing that they would be producing a line of figures from the world of Alien And not just a couple, this is a new full-fledged line of toys Xenomorphs, Colonial Marines, tanks, a Power Loader, and even an Alien Queen will all be available Even better, these[...]