Predator Fans Have A new 12 Inch Figure To Get From Lanard Toys

Predator has joined Alien with new toy lines from Lanard Toys, and I am conflicted about it. The Predator figures are new this month and come in both seven inches and the deluxe version, which we will look at here. These are not high cost, as this big figure only costs $20, but someone other than NECA making Alien and Predator, in theory, just feels wrong. These are different, of course, but making what is for all intents and purposes a toy line for all ages from these properties is a little strange. Nevertheless, they are here, and as a huge fan of both, I snagged the 12-inch figure to give it a shot. Check it out below and see if you should add it.

This Predator SHOULD Be Amazing, But It Is Just Pretty Good

I do like the packaging, as I am a fan of figures this big not coming with a window on the box. Since this has play features, it is always cool to be able to try them to make sure they work properly. The key art is from various Predator comics over the years, and I like that decision as well—all in all, a good job here.

The problems start when you open it. The look of the figure is pretty great. The head is spot on and exceptional for the price point. The helmet is kinda cheap feeling, but it fits well and looks okay when placed on his head. The paint aps are also good, again for the price point better than you would expect. As far as articulation goes, this is where the stumbling starts. There is way too much here. Because of the electronics and such in the top part of the figure, it is hard to keep him on his feet. The legs spread easily, and he falls down a bunch. The plasma castor light-up feature is fantastic…but you have to hold the button down to keep it lit. A much better option would have been to press it, and it stays on for a couple of seconds. Again- the cost is low, so expecting that is a little much, but I would pay a few more dollars for some of these fixes. The elbows do not bend, so that makes for weird posing with the arms.

Predator Fans Have A new 12 Inch Figure To Get From Lanard Toys

If you buy this at $20, I cannot fault you. It works really well as a static display piece in a collection. If you want to pose it in any way, you won't really be able to. You can do a lot worse for $20, though. I would say to stick with the seven-inch figures. Those are much better and half the price. This is a Walmart exclusive, and you can order one right here.

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