Let's Take a Look at Lanard Toys New Alien Figures

Lanard Toys shocked everyone a couple months ago, revealing that they would be producing a line of figures from the world of Alien. And not just a couple, this is a new full-fledged line of toys. Xenomorphs, Colonial Marines, tanks, a Power Loader, and even an Alien Queen will all be available. Even better, these have a real 90's Kenner look at feel to them, with the Aliens all being different colors and the limited articulation on the Marines figures. We recently came across three of the figure sets, so let's take a look and see what these are all about shall we?

Right away, the packaging screams 90's toy line, in all the best ways. Bright colors, awesome key art featuring Xenomorphs crawling all over the box, giant window on the front so you can see the figures, marine, and accessories included, and even diorama pieces. Even the description on the back of the box when you read it, you can hear that 90's voiceover guy in your head.

I also really like the "Get to know your Xenomorph" evolution chart. For MOC collectors, these are a dream.

Looking first at the Xenomorphs, these Alien figures are pretty awesome. They feature great sculpting work, with lots of little detail on the body and especially on the heads. They are a bit limited in articulation, but each features enough so that there are multiple poses you can put em in. I especially was a fan of the red Dog Alien, his crouching and attack poses are a lot of fun. The colors are cool too, they really stand out and feel unique. There are a few drawbacks: there is no extendable jaw, although there is one sculpted in their mouths. The face-hugger "spring-action" out of the egg doesn't work at all. That being said, these are just so unique looking it is hard to take your eyes off of them and they are a ton of fun to mess around with.

The weak part of the sets are the Marines. While not overtly terrible, a couple of them are ok. It's funny, as I opened the sets, the Marines got progressively better. The first was the green guy who only has five points of articulation and is so bulky he barely does anything. I wish the big gun had some kind of grip so it didn't look ridiculous posing him behind it. The second was the orange suit Marine, who adds on elbow and knee articulation, but for some reason has a left hand you can't twist. The best is the motorcycle guy. He has a cool range of motion, although putting him on the bike properly is impossible. It rolls along well enough though, and the sculpt on all these guys, especially him, are good.

The best part about these sets? The price point. These three sets were $9.99 each.

For what you get in these Alien sets, they cannot be beat. Two figures, including a Xenomorph and a Marine, along with accessories for both, and diorama pieces? All that for $9.99? Sign me up all day. For the price, these are great figures and a ton of fun to mess around with. Kids will love em too, and while NECA's Alien line is top of the class, I wouldn't give me 7 year old a NECA Alien to bash around. These are perfect for that. I only hope the line builds out and we get tons more covering the entire series and comics going forward. And how about some Predators!!!

These can be found in the US exclusively at Walmart right now.

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