The New Predator Walmart Exclusive Figures From Lanard Are Deadly

Recently, new figures from hit science fiction franchises Predator and Aliens appeared exclusively to Walmart from Lanard Toys. Being massive fans of both series, we just had to go on the hunt and find some of ourselves, and boy, we were impressed. We recently showed off the new 12" Predator that Lanard Toys also released, which fans can find located here. We will be looking at some of the other hunters from the series that were released with a total of three 7" figures. Each hunter comes from a different film with the Jungle Hunter from Predator, The City Hunter from Predator 2, and the Berseker as seen in Predators. Each one comes with different accessories, design, and are packed with amazing detail for an excellent price.

We decided to open up the Jungle Hunter to see him in action, and Lanard Toys blew us away. The figure is packed with 25 points of articulation, including simplistic yet efficient ankle joints for excellent poseability. From the shoulder joints to the knees and so much more, this articulates in all the right places. The Predator does have attached weapons with his wrist blades and plasmacaster, as well as an, include an equipable item. Unlike the 12" these 7" figures do not have removable masks, which are sad, but I'm sure they would cost more if they could. The mask, dreadlocks, and bodies are nicely detailed and only add to the figure's aesthetic, which is a he plus.

The paint scheme is an odd choice, but it seems Lanard Toys choose a mid camouflage design, which is pretty cool all in all. A cloudy mold was used, allowing parts of his green body to come through, making him a deadly foe for any prey. The Jungle Hunter Predator is more of a retro design at this point with a 1987 release, so I am not sure these figures are designated to kids. The best part about these figures is that they only cost $10, that is right, $10 and this figure is yours! From high amounts of detail, articulation, and included accessory, fans can get a great figure without breaking the bank. They are great when paired up with the Lanard Toys Alien figures, which are also $10. Fans have three hunters to choose from, and they can be found exclusively at Walmart online here and in-store now. Please do not sleep on snagged up one of these figures; they are not high quality like NECA, but they pack a punch for the money you spend on them.

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