Stars and Stripes and Steel Lotus Design Studios

Cosplay Spotlight: Stars and Stripes and Steel Lotus Design Studios

Patrick also signed one of my paws, retiring my cosplay immediately to preserve it.[caption id="attachment_791838" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo credit: Elsea's Photography[/caption]BC: So, you also LARP! Obviously LARPing is much more hands on What's another difference between the two? The biggest difference between the cosplay and LARP communities is the team aspect[...]

renaissance festival

Take A Step Back In Time At The Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival!

Tired of current events weighing you down? Do you need a fun way to escape? Are you in the Pennsylvania area? You're in luck! The Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, located in Manheim, PA, runs from August 5th–October 29th, 2017. This is one of the longer festivals, taking up a solid three months. At-the-gate ticket prices are […]

To Geek Or Not To Geek: LARP Volume 1 Is Available Now From Dark Horse

From Dark Horse Comics, YA author Dan Jolley (Warriors, My Boyfriend Is a Monster), writer Shawn deLoache and artist Marlin Shoop come together to deliver a coming-of-age story for nerds and jocks alike! I’m talking about LARP Volume 1.Chew artist Rob Guillory talked about the book by saying, The Geek is strong with this book[...]

2015 Diana Jones Award For Excellence In Gaming Shortlist Announced

While, like with any award, the games included (or excluded)  can generate controversy, but I think that the Diana Jones is the strongest award out there, even if I don't always agree with the winner.This year's shortlist of nominees are:College Of Wizardry. College of Wizardry is a LARP from Danish and Polish teams Rollespilsfabrikken and Liveform."The larp is[...]

Bleeding Gen Con Day Three – Is Gaming 'Graying'?

We talked about a couple of their new releases and their recent zombie roleplaying game, Dead Reign.Iocane Productions produces LARP (live action roleplaying) events, and at Gen Con this year they put on a massive (at least to me as someone who doesn't LARP) Game of Thrones LARP Sixty four people took place in the[...]

'A Land of My Own' – Building A Frankenstein Roleplaying World

Do you have any tips to get there or is it simply about making yourself known?IL: I got into videogames from the Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) I used to do horror stuff, simply because I didn't make any money; it was purely a hobby thing, but it made for a great conversation in interview[...]