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Dennis Barger Vs. ComicsPRO Over Local Comic Shop Day
Then he became an outspoken ex-member. Just as fellow outspoken retailer Larry Doherty of Larry's Comics once accused members of the ComicsPRO board for co-opting his proposed-but-rejected shared retailer exclusive cover idea for the non-ComicsPRO Ghost Variant program (Larry would go on to create the Phantom Variant program)… So Dennis claims their Local Comic Shop Day idea that was officially announced this[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Mark Waid And Larry Doherty
This is what happens when you google "Mark Waid" and "Drunk" On the Wordballoon podcast a few weeks ago, Mark Waid was interviewed at length about his current Marvel comics, and then after many minutes talking digital, Mark Waid took Larry Doherty from Larry's Comics as an example. Larry's an opinionated man, Larry goes on Twitter under[...]