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EG: Representation Matters, Latinx Thoughts
As Latina and growing up outside the US, I never realized how little Latino representation there actually is given that I was constantly surrounded by channels and artists who looked like me Once I grew up and moved here, it became painfully clear that people like me just didn't matter when it came to television[...]
raze sofia vergara
With actress Sofia Vergara's (Modern Family) Latino digital media company Raze set to celebrate its one-year anniversary, the presents have already started arriving in the form of production and development deals at Netflix, Hulu, and TNT. Co-founded by Vergara alongside Latin World Entertainment founder Luis Balaguer and Emiliano Calemzuk, the company is moving forward with production on original[...]
Paramount Network Launching Latino Sketch Comedy Series Browntown
Paramount Network continues beefing up and diversifying its programming slate ahead of its January 2018 launch, partnering with Latino digital-media company mitú for half-hour sketch comedy series Browntown Though cast details have yet to be announced, mitú founders Beatriz Acevedo and Doug Greiff are set to executive produce from a format developed by Greiff. Credit: Paramount Network Browntown is set in[...]
family crimes david ayer
Ayer would serve as executive producer alongside Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, and KristieAnne Reed. In January of this year, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht laid out a new programming strategy for the network that would see them "seeking diverse voices" and creating content that meets the entertainment needs of "under-served audiences." Family Crimes fits into this new push[...]
Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez Developing Latino Series For CBS, CW
Actress Gina Rodriguez is putting her words into action when it comes to increasing diversity and representation in front of and behind the camera; the Jane the Virgin star is developing two new series for CBS and The CW that are centered around the Latino community. Rodriguez's I Can & I Will Productions will develop both[...]
Will Miles Morales Star In The Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon? (UPDATE: NO)
Is it time for a Disney Blatino Spider-Man in their schedules? Or maybe, just maybe, we could look to a season two replacement? (UPDATE: I've had assurance that it will be Peter Parker under the mask in the upcoming cartoon As for season two, who can say…) [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Stephen Colbert On Miles Morales
"Half black, half hispanic? What sort of origin story does he have? Was he a black guy bitten by a radiocative hispanic? Or a hispanic guy bitten by a