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Inspirational Pop Culture Photographer & Comic Creator Seth Kushner Has Passed Away
This voluminous online, open access project later crystallized into a printed volume that I will probably be campaigning for as a milestone of comics journalism for the rest of my life: Leaping Tall Buildings This book collects over 100 portraits of comics creators of all stripes together with essays about their life and work, and[...]
Seth Kushner Publishes Free Superhero Photocomix From His Hospital Bed While Fighting Cancer
Seth Kushner's award-winning photography in comics, including his massive tribute to comics creators with Chris Irving, Leaping Tall Buildings, is well known in the industry, but Seth also branched out massively into using the photocomix format to tell stories of true and fictional lives through his CulturePOP photo essays and also through Costumed Characters. Written in[...]
When The Going Gets Tough: A Creator In Need Still Needs Our Help
So, please spread the word and be mindful of others, too, in the comics community who might need your help. Seth's work has included the ground-breaking book Leaping Tall Buildings, and beyond, taking some of the most striking photo-portraits of comics creators created to date, like these: [Robert Kirkman] [Joe Hill] [Frank Miller] [Neil Gaiman] He also successfully funded a Kickstarter[...]
Delete Blood Cancer At JHU Comics Benefit For Seth Kushner + Signing
Since then, there has been a massive amount of support among comics creators, many of whom had already benefited from Seth's outstanding photo portraiture as seen in the photo-profile book Leaping Tall Buildings with Christopher Irving or who had been part of Seth's wide-ranging Kickstarter Schmuck featuring tales of the modern quest for love in[...]
Help Comics Creator Seth Kushner Hulk Smash Leukemia
This resulted first in an online project: GraphicNYC, and then in a print volume: Leaping Tall Buildings in 2012 Seth's photo-portraits are instantly recognizable to many in the industry and he has long been the go-to guy for official photos of creators due to his extremely creative use of light and shadow as well as[...]