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Legends Of Runeterra Releases New Update For March 2023
Coming in at the end of the month, Riot Games has officially released a fresh new update for Legends of Runeterra, with a ton of new content Patch 4.3.0, also known as Glory in Navori, will bring in three new characters to the mix, as well as a brand new game mode, a rotation for[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Announces Competitive Rework For 2023
Riot Games continues its run of announcements for Legends Of Runeterra for 2023, as the game will get a competitive rework The team has emphasized that they recognize how integral competitive gameplay has been to the game, so they are now pushing to have what they refer to as "a more rewarding experience for players[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Reveals New Details For 2023 Roadmap
Riot Games dropped new info about what's to come for Legends Of Runeterra as we got a look at the 2023 roadmap The team is looking to change things up this year, and the biggest change of them all is a brand new quarterly release schedule that will come in three phases each quarter Those[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Reveals More For Empires Of The Ascended
Riot Games has revealed more info about the next Legends Of Runeterra expansion on the way, Empires Of The Ascended Over the past several days the team has slowly been revealing new cards and Champions to paint a picture of how all of this will play out We had an opportunity to go in with[...]
Riot Games Reveals Legends Of Runeterra: Empires Of The Ascended
Riot Games revealed a new expansion is on the way for Legends Of Runeterra as players will soon experience Empires Of The Ascended According to the reveal, this is going to be the largest expansion to come to the game since its launch, bringing with it over 100 new cards that will radically change how[...]
Legends Of Runeterra
Riot Games dropped a new expansion into Legends Of Runeterra this week as players can now experience Cosmic Creation The new expansion was dropped into the game on December 16th, and with it came a ton of content including 40 new collectible cards As well as three new Champions, a new Keyword, card customization options,[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Receives The Call Of The Mountain Expansion
Riot Games revealed this past week that they will be holding season tournaments for Legends Of Runeterra after a new deal According to the info released by the company, they have formed a new partnership with Wisdom Gaming Group that begins in early December and runs throughout 2021 Wisdom will be producing broadcasts and handling[...]
Riot Games Releases Details On K/DA Return To League Of Legends
We got the details below from Rio as they are also making their return to Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra with a ton of content If you couldn't tell from the hype today, the company would very much like you to buy their new EP and get all on board with every piece of[...]
Legends Of Runeterra Receives The Call Of The Mountain Expansion
Riot Games has officially released a brand new expansion for Legends Of Runeterra, as players can experience the Call Of The Mountain The latest addition to the League Of Legends free-to-play card game adds a new region of Targon for you to explore, along with 89 collectible cards which include 7 champions and as a[...]
Cards For Humanity
The charity event will feature four tournaments in Magic: The Gathering Arena, Legends of Runeterra, Gwent, and Mythgard The tournament will start on April 11th and run through April 12th Each game will have it's own full swiss/top 8 tournaments, and all the top 8 matches from the games will be featured in a massive 16-hour production[...]