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Life Is Strange Episode 4 Release Date Announced

Life is Strange has slowly been getting a lot of buzz as it goes through its episodic run, as much for its triumphs as its faulty execution of problematic content Still, I've mostly heard good things and I cant wait to jump into the game once it finally wraps.The 4th episode is going to hit[...]

Watch The Trailer For Life Is Strange Episode Three Here

Life is Strange Episode 3 launches today, furthering the relationship of Max and Chloe The two seem to be digging deeper into goings on of the last few episodes as they unravel everything that is happening to them and their town.Max specifically too As you will see in this trailer there seems to be a real[...]

Life Is Strange: Episode 3 Is Out Next Week

Life is Strange is still on my docket of games I need to catch up on this year The series seems to be getting mostly favorable reviews with some of its choices generating a lot of discussion That means, at the very least, it will likely be an interesting trip.If you are keeping up though,[...]

Life Is Strange: Episode 2 Is Coming Very Soon

During an EGX Panel, French developer Dontnod confirmed the release date for Life is Strange: Episode 2 There were fears the game had been delayed, which would have been problematic after the promise that the episodes would come six weeks apart.That rumour doesn't seem to have come to fruition though as it was revealed Episode[...]