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The Responder: Stars Martin Freeman and Adelayo Adedayo on Cop Drama
It stars Martin Freeman as a veteran first responder cop and Adelayo Adedayo as his new rookie partner as they navigate the nightly beat that takes them into the darkest parts of life in Liverpool The series is getting rave reviews for its gritty sense of authenticity and the BBC has released a video with[...]
Doctor Who introduced John Bishop for Series 13. (Image: BBC Studios)
Because as Bishop explains in the following clip, even half-mentioning that his character was from Liverpool earned him that call from the BBC. Doctor Who introduced John Bishop for Series 13 (Image: BBC Studios) Here's a look at a preview clip from Friday night's episode of The Graham Norton Show on BBC America, which also includes Tom[...]
Auto Draft
Today's Justice League takes a trip to Liverpool, and the football teams who play there, as writer Robert Venditti introduced us to the Finches and the Hammers. Today's Justice League Invents Brand New Liverpool Football Teams. Those familiar Liverpudlian teams the Finches and the Hammers, rather than Liverpool and Everton And if its nicknames, well, that would[...]
Niantic Reveals "Pokémon GO" Safari Zone Liverpool City Explorer Pass
Niantic revealed that their upcoming Pokémon GO Safari Zone happening in Liverpool will have its own City Explorer Pass with a number of features The event will take place from April 17th-19th at Sefton Park, which is a pretty big area But for those looking to do more, the pass will have features and options[...]