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Vigil: BBC Releases Trailer for Major New Thriller
Vigil's heavy-duty ensemble cast also features Anjli Mohindra, Connor Swindells, Adam James, Gary Lewis, Stephen Dillane, Lolita Chakrabarti, Daniel Portman, Lorne MacFadyen, and Lauren Lyle These are names known to many British viewers, even if Americans may not be as familiar with them Let's just say the show is full of Doctor Who and Game[...]
The new additions to The Wheel of Time (Image: Amazon Prime Video)
Joining the highly-anticipated series are Lolita Chakrabarti (Riviera) as Marin Al'Vere, Michael Tuahine (Farscape) as Bran Al'Vere, David Sterne (Casualty) as Cenn Buie, Christopher Sciueref (300: Rise on an Empire) as Abell Cauthon, Juliet Howland (Astral) as Natti Cauthon, and Mandi Symonds (Scrubbers) as Daise Conger Here's a look at the announcement tweets: The new additions[...]