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London Film Festival Launch: Tim Burton, The Absentee Master And Pastries

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. While Brendon was in a screening and Hannah was standing around in a field,* I had the pleasure of waking up early and scooting myself over to the BFI's press release event for the BFI's 56th London Film Festival. While the buzz word around twitter going into the screening […]

Trailer For Dual, Ambitious Short Film From The Brothers Lynch

One of the Brothers Lynch is called David but, no, it's not him. The other is called Keith. They co-direct their projects, including Dual, an ambitious new short that has been programmed in the London Film Festival. This is the first of the Brothers' big screen projects to see fruition, but they've had a number […]

Hannah's Picks From The London Film Festival Sizzle Reel

The BFI 55th Annual London Film Festival is drawing nearer. Festival advent kicked off today with a presentation and a clip reel at the Leicester Square Odeon. Those of you who live, work or play in the area will probably know that the building is currently undergoing renovation, and is currently covered in scaffolding and […]

Full Lineup For London Film Festival Announced

They call it The Festival of Festivals, the nicest possible way of saying that most of the big films to play at the London Film Festival have already premiered elsewhere. They call it a People's Film Festival, because anybody can buy tickets, fairly easily if not exactly cheaply. This morning, the full lineup for this […]