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the mall Scout Comics July 2018 Solicits

Let's Go to the Mall Today with Scout Comics' July 2018 Solicits

Publisher Scout Comics is starting three new series this July: The Mall, Long Lost Part Two, and Long Live Pro Wrestling. Plus, Jazz Legend, Zinnober, and Shiver Bureau continue their runs, and Stabbity Bunny is receiving its first collected edition. Full details below. JAZZ LEGEND #3 Written by JC Lacek and Illustrated by Vincent Dubourg Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99 UPC: 85999000253800311 Motocity's jazz […]

long lost issue 5

Long Lost #5 Review: Horror in Hazel Patch

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Long Lost #5 is bold from the start, revealing the tragic backstory of Piper, Frances, and their mother. Without spoiling too much, the first few pages of #5 give you much more of an appreciation for the girls and their struggles. Their strained relationship with their mother, aunt, and town are easily explained […]

long lost #4

Long Lost #4 Review: Marrying Family and Horror

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In this preview of Long Lost #4, we continue our journey with sisters Piper and Frances, learning more about family, history, and their home of Hazel Patch. Darkness and mystery abound as the girls continue their journey to discover the truth. The tone of Long Lost #4 is much heavier than the previous […]

Long lost

Long Lost #3 Review: Growing Some Teeth

[rwp-review id="0"] Another month brings another review of Long Lost. I've talked at length about how much I enjoy this series: so how does issue #3 stack up? Horror is the most prevalent piece of this issue. The way Francis and Piper play off of each other is set on the back burner in favor of […]

Long Lost #2

Long Lost #2 Review: Tension Abound

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Out December 27th is Long Lost #2, the creepy indie horror comic published by Scout Comics. With spot on pacing and a clean aesthetic, Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle have yet another fantastic issue in store. As I've mentioned previously, Long Lost's forte is subtle, creeping horror, and #2 is no exception. It […]

long lost

'Long Lost' Review: A Captivating Horror Comic With Room To Grow

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Slick art, a chilling story, and a palatable sense of dread; welcome to Long Lost. With their attention to detail and allowance of their story to expand and move on its own unburdened by unnecessary dialogue, Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle have created an incredibly effective horror comic. Unease is the name of […]