Rantz Hoseley On Creating A Comics Guild

Rantz Hoseley (remember him? When Longbox Comics was a thing?) writes; If you’re receiving this, it’s because a.) I know you and b.) at some point we’ve discussed the state of the comic industry, how it treats creators, and the need to “make things better” Attached are some outlined thoughts on an American Sequential Arts Guild,[...]

The Tenth Annual Rumour Awards – SCOOP OF THE YEAR

The return of The Twelve.There were the multi-media deals like the failed HBO bid for Walking Dead, Cla$$War The Movie, Marvel launching comics on iPhone publisher platforms, Longbox being installed on the still-rumoured Apple Tablet Grant Morrison writing about superheroes The much-denied-until-it-was-confirmed cancellation of Primeval, and then its recommission for 2011.And then there were those[...]

Twinterview With Rantz Hoseley, Inventor Of Longbox, The iTunes Of Comics.

A few minutes ago, I Twinterviewed Rantz Hoseley, the inventor of Longbox Set to transform the way we read comics, with deals with all sorts of publishers, could this be the beginning of universal, multi-format, user-friendly, iTunes style digital comics? And what effect could this have on our industry? Was he a devil or an[...]