Looking for Group

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Humor Titles For January 2016
Bob's Burgers is the Emmy Award-winning animated sitcom that airs on Fox television with other hits such as The Simpsons and Family Guy! LOOKING FOR GROUP #10 Cover: J Edwin Stevens Writer: Ryan Sohmer Art: Lar deSouza, Hawk, Ryan Dunlavey, Ed Ryzowski It's a call to arms (get it?) for the Bloodrage as new Chiefs are crowned and[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview Of Voltron: From The Ashes #1 And More
Then we have the latest issue of Will Eisner's The Spirit and another fun adventure with Looking For Group. Voltron: From the Ashes #1 writer: Cullen Bunn artist: Blacky Shepherd covers: Alex Milne More than 200 years ago, Voltron Force fought its final battle against the Drule Empire Voltron has not moved since that battle, but his legacy lives on[...]
Exclusive First Look At Grumpy Cat #1 And Bob's Burgers #4
These include the on-going Bob's Burger, Looking For Group and the brand new Grumpy Cat. GRUMPY CAT #1 Covers: Steve Uy, Ken Haeser, Tavis Maiden and Agnes Garbowska Writer: Ben McCool, Royal McGraw, Elliott Serrano, Ben Fisher Art: Steve Uy, Ken Haeser Dynamite proudly presents The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat #1, featuring "The World's Grumpiest Cat" and her brother, Pokey![...]
Exclusive First Looks At Bob's Burger And John Carter For Septermber
This time we have Bob's Burgers #3, Looking For Group #6 and John Carter: Warlord of Mars #11 Plus, we have the final issue of the Andy Diggle / Aaron Campbell Uncanny Season Two. BOB'S BURGERS ONGOING #3 Cover A: Anthony Aguinaldo Cover B: Paul Claerhout Writer: Loren Bouchard, Rachel Hastings, Anneliese Waddington, Brian Hall Art: Anthony[...]
Exclusive First Look At Bob's Burgers And Looking For Group Shipping In August
The second issue of the now on-going Bob's Burgers series plus the fifth issue of Looking for Group. Bob's Burgers On-Going #2 Covers: Brittany McCarthy and Rudy De La Cruz Writer: Rachel Hastings, Jeff Drake, Brian Hall Art: Steve Theis, Joe Healy, Emiko Sawanobori In the second issue of the all-new ongoing Bob's Burgers comic book series, we[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Fantasy Titles Shipping In May 2015
Here we have a first look at the covers and solicitations for Dynamite's line of fantasy comic including Red Sonja: Vulture's Circle, Pathfinder: Origins, Looking for Group and Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Down Town. RED SONJA: VULTURE'S CIRCLE #5 Covers: Jay Anacleto and Walter Geovani Writer: Nancy A Collins, Luke Lieberman Art: Fritz Casas The confrontation between the rejuvenated,[...]
Webcomic Looking For Group Comes To Dynamite
The webcomic series Looking For Group is going to be released as an ongoing comic series by Dynamite Entertainment The series, written by Ryan Sohmer and illustrated by Lar deSouza, Hawk, Ryan Dunlavey and Ed Ryzowski will include strips from the very beginning along with bonus scenes from Non-Playable Character and Tiny Dick Adventures The[...]
Like Role Playing Games – Try Looking For Group Or Castle Assault
Two games, one post Kickstarter and one pre-, are present at the 2014 New York Comic Con. Looking For Group is a Canadian web comic series in the fantasy genre, with a humorous flair Its popularity, as well as with the interest of the series' creators, Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza, pushed them to develop the[...]