Warren Ellis, Jim Butcher And More In This Week's Dynamite Exclusive Extended Previews

In this week's exclusive extended previews we have a look at issue three of Project Superpowers: Blackcross by Warren Ellis and Colton Worley. A trip Down Town with the fourth issue of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files and the second entry in the web-comic to print Looking For Group.

Project Superpowers: Blackcross #3
Warren Ellis (w) Colton Worley (a) Tula Lotay, Declan Shalvey (c)

Rob Benton is in hospital and his secret is about to be revealed. But there's another secret that he doesn't even know he has, and now Marietta Chesler, possessed by the spirit of something from The Other Side, is coming to tear it out of him. Across town, Jeff Dumont has quietly returned from Tibet, even as The American Spirit is circling Blackcross like a raptor. When Bart Hill, head of the American Spirit case, finds out, he might not think it's a coincidence — but something else is already stalking Bart…

Layout 1Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Blackcross03-Cov-A-Lotay Blackcross03-Cov-B-Shalvey

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Down Town #4
Jim Butcher, Mark Powers (w) Carlos Gomez (a) Stjepan Sejic (c)

Harry, Molly and Mouse have embarked on a journey into the darkest recesses of the supernatural: the subterranean realm known as Undertown. At the end of their path lies the evil power behind the creature that's murdered two innocent people. Finding and defeating that being will be hard enough—and it'll be even harder with an uninvited ally along for the ride…

DresdenDowntown04-Cov-A-Sejic Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1 Layout 1

Looking For Group #2
Ryan Sohmer (w) Lar deSouza, Hawk, Ryan Dunlavey, Ed Ryzowski (a) Craig Rousseau, Agnes Garbowska (c)

Our heroes continue on the path to Kethenecia, but little do they know it will soon lead to the introduction of a major LFG player! While attempting to find and subdue the mysterious entity known as The Shriek, Richard unwittingly stumbles into the meaning of life! Cale finds himself thrust into a war between the Vulii and elvish nation of Gamlon and we witness the birth of the greatest battlecry ever! It's an action-packed issue that opens doors to the greater world of Looking For Group!

LFGComic_issue2 2 LFGComic_issue2 3 LFGComic_issue2 4 LFGComic_issue2 5 LFGComic_issue2 6 LFGComic_issue2 7 LFGComic_issue2 8 LookingGroup02-Cov-A-Rousseau LookingGroup02-Cov-B-Garbowska

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