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Al Jaffee And His Take On Comic Cons For MAD Magazine At Auction
Born in 1921, he is best known for his work in the MAD Magazine including his trademark feature, the Mad Fold-In He contributed to the magazine for 65 years, the longest single comic book artistic run on a title ever With a career running from 1942 until 2020, Jaffee also holds the Guinness World Record[...]
Three Al Jaffee MAD Magazine Fold-In Original Art Pages At Auction
Born in 1921, he is best known for his work in the MAD Magazine, specifically his trademark feature, the MAD Fold-In. Al Jaffee contributed to the magazine for 65 years, the longest run by a comic book artist on any periodical, ever And working in comics from 1942 until 2020, Jaffee holds the Guinness World Record[...]
DC Doesn't Want MAD Magazine Film/TV Parodies Now? That's Claptrap!
Tom Richmond was a longstanding contributor to DC Comics' MAD Magazine This year that came to an end for everyone But Tom wants to keep the spirit living on with Claptrap He writes for Bleeding Cool. Back in December of 2000, I had only had a couple of pieces published so far in MAD when I[...]
Mad Magazine #1 Up For Auction Today On ComicConnect
The one that started it all, ComicConnect has a true grail piece for humor fans and really anyone, as they currently are taking bids for a few more hours on a copy of Mad Magazine #1 from 1952 One of the most important print magazines ever published, this is one that can be confirmed to[...]
DC Direct Updates Retailers On New Ordering Procedures
They were the group behind DC Direct as well as supervising pitches, source books, internal style guides, character art approvals and logos, creating a uniform DC Comics look and style. MAD Magazine has gone – the longstanding satirical comedy magazine that was bought by DC Comics will be closed at the publisher It may be licensed[...]
Comic Stores to Get Mad Magazine #13 and #14 on Same Day
DC Comics has informed those still ordering their titles through Diamond Comic Distributors that they will be receiving copies of both MAD Magazine #13 and #14 for sale on the same day, July 1st 2020. In a move that could only have come from America's #1 stupid magazine, MAD Magazine #13 and 14 are now both scheduled to[...]
Mort Drucker, born in March 1929 was an American cartoonist best known for his work on MAD Magazine over five decades His caricature strips parodying a cornucopia of TV, movies and related events are legendary He died in his Woodbury home in New York yesterday The cartoonist is survived by his wife Barbara Drucker, his[...]
Gossip: DC Comics, Mad Magazine, Warner Bros and AT&T Realpolitik at Play
Bleeding Cool ran a report after San Diego Comic-Con regarding discussion over the departure of Bill Morrison as Editor-In-Chief of MAD Magazine earlier in the year We thought it may be worth revisiting Especially as Morrison's departure made it a lot easier for DC Comics to move MAD Magazine to reprint-only. It also made it a lot[...]
Thank Sunday It's FOC – The End Of MAD Magazine As We Know It
No one will order enough of this even though it's returnable for any store that orders over ten copies… '1930's Prohibition but it's not booze that's banned, it's magic!' – Warren Ellis DC's Year Of The Villain Dark Gifts takes in Action Comics #1014, Batgirl #38, Detective Comics #1010, Flash #77, Justice League Dark #14, Red[...]
DC Comics Takes MAD Magazine Off Newstands, Goes Reprint-Only, Blames Low Sales
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool got the word that MAD Magazine published by DC Comics was to cease publication with Vol 2 issue 10 The venerable American satirical magazine has been published since the fifties and had recently relaunched after moving location from New York to Burbank with the rest of its parent publisher. A number of MAD[...]
MAD Magazine
Due to an error, today, comic book retailers got the newly relaunched and rebooted MAD Magazine a week earlier than they should have done And no one realised. DC Comics has just issued a request to comic book retailers that they not sell it and hold it until next week However, this message was only received after many stores[...]
Mad Magazine wondercon 2018
If it breaks, he's feeding it out to us in London. We have the look of the new Mad Magazine, relaunching after over 500 issues with a new issue 1 in April. First, the new logo… which will reflect the original '50s logo. Looks like it will be polybagged on sale… And under the cover, the same old Alfred[...]
mad magazine relaunch
Back in October at New York Comic Con, MAD Magazine announced that they would relaunch the magazine for April Fool's Day 2018 No other reporter was there to get the news out there other than Bleeding Cool's Hugh Sheridan, who piped the news directly to Jude Terror. Then everyone seemed to forget about it. And now DC Co-publisher[...]
Mad Magazine Getting A Relaunch On April Fools Day With Bigger Web Presence
Mad Magazine is the latest property owned by a comic book publisher to catch relaunch fever! Revealed at New York Comic Con today, the classic humor magazine is getting relaunched on April 1, with an increased web presence and a new podcast In typical Mad fashion, we can probably expect the relaunch shenanigans to be[...]