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The Rookie Season 2 Fallout Is Ripped From The Headlines [PREVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2 "Fallout" Is Ripped From The Headlines [PREVIEW]

This week on ABC's The Rookie, California braces for the big one. Instead of an earthquake, however, they receive a warning about an impending missile strike to Los Angeles. The rookies, the greater LAPD, and the good people of Los Angeles have no idea if the threat is real. But, understandably, panic ensues. Ripped from the […]

The Rookie Season 2: In Tough Love Nobodys Perfect [SPOILER REVIEW]

"The Rookie" Season 2: In "Tough Love," Nobody's Perfect [SPOILER REVIEW]

And some clean pants. the episode, Nolan struggles with his son Henry's engagement to a woman named Abigail (Madeleine Coghlan) Each person he asks for advice gives him a different answer And Armstrong even runs a background check on Abigail, without asking Nolan first Eventually, Nolan goes to Grace Sawyer (Ali Larter), who is apparently[...]

The Rookie Season 2 Episode 5 Tough Love Preview: Is History Repeating Itself

"The Rookie" Season 2 Episode 5 "Tough Love" Preview: Is History Repeating Itself?

Detective Armstrong (Harold Perrineau) tries to help, running an unauthorized background check on Henry's paramour, Abigail (Madeleine Coghlan) Is Nolan worried enough to break the rules to get more information? And why did Nolan go to Grace instead of Jessica for comfort?[caption id="attachment_1108589" align="alignnone" width="2000"] THE ROOKIE - "Tough Love" - ABC/Byron Cohen[/caption]On top of[...]