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Oh S#!t It's Kim & Kim #1 cover by Eva Cabrera
Magdalene Visaggio never ceases to impress me with her storytelling acumen, and Cabrera and Aguirre do excellent work on the art This one earns a strong recommendation Give it a read. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Kim Quatro and Kim Dantzler are bounty hunters, and they have gone corporate They are now contracted out by a massive[...]
Vagrant Queen #2 cover by Natasha Alterici
Magdalene Visaggio has set up something both intriguing and a lot of fun with this book, and I'm fully on board with the book now I highly recommend this one Give it a read. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Elida reflects on the night her family's palace was stormed as she and Isaac near forbidden space[...]
Vagrant Queen #1 cover by Natasha Alterici
It's a well-told tale of a space scoundrel for sure, and one should come to expect that of talent like Magdalene Visaggio. Elida is a good lead She is courageous, smart, and is light on patience and long on attitude Those are the hallmarks of a great protagonist in a story like this. Her status as intergalactic[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, June 6th, 2018: New Age of Justice and Hulks
Artist Gerardo Sandoval contributes the art to this book. Dazzler: X-Song #1 cover by Elizabeth Torque Dazzler: X Song #1 Magdalene Visaggio joins up at Marvel to present a new Dazzler story with artist Laura Braga This one finds Dazzler going up against an underground hate group targeting Inhuman fans. Doctor Strange #1 cover by Jesus Saiz Doctor Strange #1 Doctor Strange begins anew with the creative team of Mark[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of 03/14/18
Vaughn, and Greg LaRocque. Vampironica #1 Cover Greg Smallwood Vampironica #1 Archie Horror gets another ongoing with the return of Vampironica by Greg and Meg Smallwood. Veronica is threatening to bring an undead apocalypse upon Riverwood. Judas #4 cover by Jakub Rebelka Judas #4 The finale to Jeff Loveness and Jacob Rebalka's stunning Judas miniseries comes to a finale with Judas Iscariot meeting Jesus Christ once more. Eternity Girl #1 Cover by Sonny Liew Eternity Girl #1 Magdalene[...]
Eternity Girl #1 cover by Sonny Liew
In other words, kudos to Magdalene Visaggio for that detail. Sonny Liew returns to contribute the art to the full book It works very well; it gives the world the off-beat, quirky, and cold feeling it needs Eternity Girl's visual design is very distinct too Chris Chuckry's color art is similarly cold and off, giving the[...]
Vault Comics May 2018 Solicits
Magdalene Visaggio, alongside artist Jason Smith, starts off the series Vagrant Queen through publisher Vault Comics Plus Songs of the Dead, from Andrea Fort, Michael Christopher Heron, and Sam Beck, reaches its conclusion All of this and more can be found in their May 2018 solicits[...]
Mags Visaggio And Sonny Liew Launch Eternity Girl At Young Animal In March 2018
Oops! Their loss is our gain though, especially because we now know that Eisner-nominated creator Magdalene Visaggio will team up with artist Sonny Liew for a new six-issue miniseries called Eternity Girl under the Young Animal banner Check out the details below: ETERNITY GIRL, the new miniseries from Eisner and GLAAD-nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim)[...]