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MCM Expo Debut: Spandex #5
Martin Eden's gay superhero comic book that led a trailblaze in getting mainstream media attention. And five years after that we get a fifth and final issue, giant sized with 52 pages and five variant covers, by the likes of Jeffrey Brown, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Nigel Dobbyn and T'Sao Wei. The Special's story sees a brand new[...]
Preview: Spirit Of Hope
Creators involved include Natalie Abadzis, Nick Abadzis, Adrian Bamforth, Jasper Bark, Donna Barr, Jordie Bellaire, Paul H Birch, Bolt-01, Dan Boultwood, Mark Buckingham, Jim Campbell, Richmond Clements, Jason Cobley, Simon Coleby, Mike Collins, Martin Conaghan, Gary Crutchley, Glenn Dakin, Al Davison, Brandon DeStefano, Benjamin Dickson, Martin Eden, Mats Engesten, Gary Erskine, Al Ewing, Glenn B[...]