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Bizzard Relocates "Hearthstone" Masters Tour Indonesia To Los Angeles
The coronavirus has changed another esports tournament's plans as Bizzard has relocated the Hearthstone Masters Tour Indonesia to Los Angeles The company posted a notice, which we have for you below, along with details of the reschedule and booking options for those wishing to attend and compete Like all tournaments being rebooked, it has to[...]
Blizzard Announces Hearthstone Masters Tour Championships in Seoul
Blizzard Entertainment announced today that they will be expanding the Heathstone Masters Tour by adding more dates in 2020 We now know those dates will expand from three major tournaments to six, and will be including more European dates as they have confirmed Sweden and Spain as major tournament locations All six Masters Tours in[...]
The First "Hearthstone" Masters Tour Of 2020 Comes To Arlington
Blizzard revealed where the first major tournament for Hearthstone will be in 2020 as the Masters Tour will head to Arlington, Texas The event will take place from January 30th until February 2nd at the Esports Stadium Arlington Over 300 invited competitors from around the globe will be vying for a shot at a $250k[...]