Bizzard Relocates "Hearthstone" Masters Tour Indonesia To Los Angeles

The coronavirus has changed another esports tournament's plans as Bizzard has relocated the Hearthstone Masters Tour Indonesia to Los Angeles. The company posted a notice, which we have for you below, along with details of the reschedule and booking options for those wishing to attend and compete. Like all tournaments being rebooked, it has to be hardship and a pain for those who already booked, but it looks like every company is rebooking tournaments until the outbreak is contained. We'll see how much this changes the plans of who in the Hearthstone community attends.

Bizzard Relocates "Hearthstone" Masters Tour Indonesia To Los Angeles
Credit: Blizzard

After careful consideration of the ongoing coronavirus, we have decided to relocate Masters Tour Indonesia to Los Angeles. We decided to make this move to protect the health and safety of our players, staff and everyone involved with the Masters Tour. We're sad we won't be able to hold the event as originally planned, but the safety of all participants is our top priority.

To acknowledge the incredible hard work of the players that earned an invite to Masters Tour Indonesia, we are excited to hold the second Masters Tour of 2020 at NGE Studios in Los Angeles, on March 20-22. Blizzard Entertainment and NGE Studios are inviting over 300 competitors from around the world to participate, each competing for their share of more than $250,000, out of the $3,000,000 total prize purse for 2020, boosted by the Dragon Masters Bundle.

Knowing that adjusting travel plans can oftentimes be difficult, we'll be providing up to $250 USD to all qualified competitors who need to rebook their travel to Los Angeles if they've already secured flights to Indonesia. Players simply need to submit documentation showing rebooking.

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