mata hari

Mata Hari #4 cover by Ariela Kristantina and Pat Masioni

Mata Hari #4 Review: Taking the Power Back

The interrogation of Mata Hari continues, and she is beginning to break. We see how she joined up with the circus and later became a dancer in the theater. We see her becoming a liaison for important men across Europe. All the while, she wants nothing more than to get custody of her daughter once […]

Mata Hari #3 cover by Ariela Kristantina

Mata Hari #3 Review: Still Good, but Flaws are Beginning to Weigh it Down

We get a look at Mata Hari's life as a married woman and the trials and tribulations therein. Her husband quickly turned on her and blamed the woman for all ills they ever faced. In her current dilemma at the French prison, the Captain continues to make cruel and underhanded maneuvers to incriminate Mata Hari. […]

Mata Hari #2 cover by Ariela Kristantina

Mata Hari #2 Review: The Story Focuses and Triumphs for It

Mata Hari is being held in custody by the French government, and she is shortly question by Captain Bouchardon. This leads to flashbacks of Mata's childhood while she explains her life story to Captain Bouchardon. We see the divorce of her parents as well as her early jobs as a teenager. Mata Hari #2, despite […]

The Finale to Harrow County, Plus a Ton of Manga Reprints: Dark Horse June 2018 Solicits

Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook's Harrow County reaches its highly-anticipated finale. Xerxes, BPRD, Buffy, Black Hammer, American Gods, and more continue their runs. Also, a lot of manga series are being reprinted, like New Lone Wolf and Cub, Samurai Executioner, and Vampire Hunter D. All of this comes from Dark Horse's June 2018 solicits. Details below. Covers are below the text (in a vaguely […]