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The full title of the book is called Critical Role: Call Of The Netherdeep, which was designed in collaboration with the show's DM Matthew Mercer, who worked with James Haeck and Chris Perkins to create what will be the first major adventure set in the world of Exandria Up until now, the first two books[...]
Critical Role Critter Hug Promo
Here's a quick synopsis of what the show will be. Credit: Critical Role Hosted by Mica Burton and Matthew Mercer, Critter Hug is a show celebrating just a few of the hardworking folks that bring joy to the tabletop industry It'll highlight local game shops across the country, new games, people of note in the industry and[...]
We're thrilled to work with the whole team to bring The Legend of Vox Machina, and new Critical Role series, to our Prime Video customers." – Jennifer Salke, Amazon Studios Critical Role The Legend of Vox Machina stars Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, and Travis Willingham, who will reprise[...]
Watch Stephen Colbert Play D&D With Matthew Mercer for Red Nose Day
Finally, after a couple of weeks of promotion and waiting, the D&D session with Stephen Colbert and Matthew Mercer for Red Nose Day is live As we talked about earlier, fans were able to make donations to choose everything about the campaign from Colbert's character all the way to the bad guy at the end[...]
Stephen Colbert Partners with Critical Role
To be more specific, Matthew Mercer will be guiding Colbert through a mini one-on-one adventure in which people made donations to Red Nose Day and choose what Stephen has to work with Everything from his character class, his companion, his legendary weapon to be sought, to the big bad villain he has to deal with. Voting[...]
Matt Mercer Joins The New Season of Dimension 20
Yesterday, the latest season of Dimension 20 kicked off on CollegeHumor, and they gained a special guest in the form of Matthew Mercer This time around the crew dive into a season full of evil as they will be playing some devilish characters that are in it to win it And by win it, we[...]
Watch Matthew Mercer Roasting by an Overwatch Christmas Fire
Last year, Overwatch got some weird attention from having Jeff Kaplan sit by a fire for hours, and now they've doubled-down with Matthew Mercer Right now, on the Overwatch Twitch channel, you can watch the voice of McCree sitting back in a cozy leather armchair next to a burning yule log, having a sip of[...]
From Dungeon Making to LEGO Playing: A Chat With Matthew Mercer
To say Matthew Mercer has been having a hell of a year is an understatement as he's currently serving as a major influence on several properties at once First, Critical Role returned at the start of the year with an amazing new campaign with new characters Then, we find out he had a hand in crafting[...]
'Persona 5 ' Voice Cast Will Be At Anime Expo On Saturday
This is one of the few opportunities you'll get to see the cast together beyond random conventions where you get two or three together for random panels. credit//Atlus Included in the Person 5 mix will be Cherami Leigh (Makoto), Cassandra Lee Morris (Morgana), Erica Lindbeck (Futaba), Erika Harlacher (Ann), Max Mittelman (Ryuji), Robbie Daymond (Akechi), Matthew Mercer[...]
EigoManga Heads To SDCC With Vanguard Princess Demo And More
eigoManga has announced their schedule for SDCC 2015 and it includes a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Sakura Pakk, a signing by voice actor Matthew Mercer, a demo of the upcoming Vanguard Princess video game and two panels showing the best in Korean Comics and a Manga tutorial for kids. Sakura Pakk 10 Year Anniversary[...]