Lucifer Season 3: Mazikeen Really Wants to Go Back to Hell

Since season one of Lucifer, the character of Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) has not been happy about being on Earth Where Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) loves being in Los Angeles and dealing with humans, Maze would prefer to be in Hell Yes she has made friends with Dr Laura (Rachael Harris), Chloe (Lauren German) and even[...]

Lesley-Ann Brandt

Lesley-Ann Brandt's Mazikeen Won't Be In The Early Part Of Lucifer Season 3

Linda Martin (Rachel Harris) will be making a new friend in Lucifer Season 3, and that Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) won't be too happy about that But how does this budding friendship come about without Maze knowing about it early? That's because she won't be around for the beginning of the season.Showrunner Ildy Modrovich told "Maze is[...]

Lesley-Ann Brandt

Lucifer's Lesley-Ann Brandt Talks Mazikeen And Linda's Friendship

But one of the interesting aspects of the series has been the more subtle friendship between Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Dr Linda Martin (Rachel Harris).Martin was originally brought in when Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Detective Decker (Lauren German) had to talk to her about a case Martin was fully under Lucifer's charm and he returned[...]

It's Lucifer Vs Mazikeen In The Latest Sneak Peek

The relationship between Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has been strained since Chloe Decker (Lauren German) came into their lives Where once she was a dedicated protector, things have come to a head as the two throw-down this week.Lucifer airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox. The relationship between Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and[...]

Has Lucifer Found Salvation In A Storage Container?

We've had this wanna be protagonist running around for weeks having a laugh and enjoying himself while Amenadiel and Mazikeen tried to convince him to go back to hell and Detective Decker just wanted him to go away But then about two weeks ago we got to see Lucifer's bare back and the scars from[...]

Lucifer Is Excited To Explore His New Mortality

In this clip from tonight's new episode of Lucifer, Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) continues to show concern about Lucifer (Tom Ellis), especially after the realization that he can now be hurt She fears he may be becoming mortal, but he thinks it may be she's jealous that he's exploring his mortality with Detective Decker (Lauren German)[...]