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Funko Debuts New Pop Comic Cover with McFarlane Batman #423
This time the Dark Knight returns as Funko reveals the Pop Comic Cover for the iconic Batman #432 which was drawn by the one and only Todd McFarlane These are the comic covers I was hoping we would see in this line, and Batman Pop fans are getting a real treat this time around The[...]
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McFarlane Toys has revealed the first upcoming 7-inch scale figure of Bloodshot The figure itself is incredibly detailed and showcases Vin Diesel accurately He is set to come with multiple accessories, including a sword to guns and an assault rifle He does have holsters attached, so you can store the guns on the figure He[...]
Pre-Orders Go Live For "Call Of Duty" Captain Price McFarlane Collectible Figure
Activision Blizzard announced today that they have partnered with McFarlane for a special Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare series, starting with Capt Price The figure is designed to look just like the old-school '80s G.I Joe figures Hasbro used to make The figure here is going for $22 on pre-order now and will be shipped[...]
stranger things dustin lucas toys
Stranger Things figures will be coming fast and furious from McFarlane Toys this year We already got Hopper and Eleven, and next up will be Dustin and Lucas The highly detailed figures, which will also come with a multitude of packed in accessories, will be available in stores and online later this month. While I was[...]
McFarlane, Golden And Silvestri Covers For Darkness #100
The Darkness #100 is on its way… And this is the first you'll have seen of the Todd McFarlane (above), the Michael Golden (below) and the Marc Silvestri retailer incentive (further below). 48 pages for $4.99 US, it's out the last day of February But since the Darkness II game comes out today, it seems the[...]