MCM Comic Con

Reed Cancels MCM Comic Cons, Birmingham, London, Manchester and Glasgow

MCM Comic Cons Cancelled in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow

Today, ReedPOP has announced the cancellation of four MCM Comic Con shows in the UK, a number of which had already been postponed to a new date They state "despite all efforts to bring fans the most epic pop culture events in the UK, 4 MCM events scheduled to take place in 2020 have been[...]


An Open Letter To ReedPOP About The Future Of MCM Comic Cons

We were the first to break the news of ReedPOP's acquisition of the MCM Comic Cons here in the UK When the news broke, I had particular interest — after all, as well as writing for Bleeding Cool, I'm a comic creator in my own right and have been an exhibitor at MCM shows for[...]

MCM London Comic Con – The View From The Comic Village

The weekend just gone saw the MCM London Comic Con event at the Excel Exhibition Centre in the London Docklands. The largest comic con on the UK calendar, and reportedly even one of the largest in the English speaking world, MCM London can be a very promising prospective for the many indie creators on the […]

#LGBTSuperheroes Say It's Time For All Superheroes To Be Portrayed Accurately

We were, at the time, both completely unaware of the others projects. "Would you like me to give you the pitch?" I ask the gentleman casually browsing the comics on my table."Sure, go on.""Well, it's all about a team of LGBT superheroes...""No way, really? You won't believe where I just came from." Where he'd come from was[...]

RT Mitte (Walter Jr.) Discusses His Breaking Bad Role At MCM Comic Con

Who knows, you may well be expecting it from Santa this holiday season.The fact that many people are still discovering the phenomenon that is Breaking Bad, is the nature of the series that RT Mitte was all too aware of as he discussed his time on the show at the Birmingham MCM Comic Con back[...]