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Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Media Molecule have released the demo everywhere from Australia to Japan on the PlayStation Store There's no sign of a U.S demo just yet, but it certainly appears that one is coming. Media Molecule's Dreams can be difficult to learn how to play. The demo, which will also come to Canada[...]
Media Molecule will Discuss Dreams at Develop: Brighton
Media Molecule's Siobhan Reddy, David Smith, Kareen Ettourney, Alex Evans, and Mark Healey will be holding a keynote talk at Develop: Brighton 2019 to discuss their creative adventure game, Dreams. Develop: Brighton takes place July 9th through 11th at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Media Molecule's keynote will be titled 'Creating Dreams with Media Molecule,' and will take place on Wedensday, July 10th. "Since[...]
PS4 Exclusive Dreams will Enter Early Access this Spring
credit//Media Molecule Media Molecule's PS4 exclusive Dreams has been concluded its beta test phase, but in case you missed that fun, Mm has announced that the game will hit Early Access this spring. The announcement came from Media Molecule's director Siobhan Reddy on the PlayStation blog today The early access will be focused on the creator tools that will allow Dreams[...]
Sign-ups for the Dreams Public Beta are Now Open
Media Molecule has opened the public beta sign-ups for Dreams, with its unique approach to VR gaming. Dreams includes a story mode, but the biggest draw to the game is its creator mode which allows players to design whattever they like using a series of creator tools. The new beta is open to the public and will focus[...]
We Got to See a Little Bit of 'Dreams' Gameplay at the PlayStation Event
After the event closed and people were wondering why they had to be shipped off between a church and the main area, a couple commentators at the event got to try out some games like Marvel's Spider-Man, and one of those games was Dreams. You can check out the full description of the game below along[...]
Dreams Video Shows How Easy It Will Be to Create Your Masterworks
Little Big Planet developer Media Molecule's next game Dreams has a new video showcasing the game's robust but easy to use art tools. The game, which will put a vast array of accessible art tools into the hands of players, has recently seen a lot of activity After its 2015 announcement, the game went quiet but it[...]
Dreams Reemerges with a New Trailer and 2018 Release Window
Some had worried about the survival of the game after its absence, but at last night's The Game Awards, it reared its head again. While not entirely surprising, since the game is set to appear at this weekends PlayStation Experience, it's good to see Media Molecules next game finally getting the sunlight A new trailer for[...]
LittleBigPlanet Developer's Dreams Is Still On The Way Despite Silence
In fact, the animation creation game was meant to have a beta this year, but that has now been delayed. In a post on their website, Media Molecule acknowledged that the game had been quiet for some time and that the beta has now been pushed back to 2017 Citing that the game has become bigger[...]
Media Molecule Is Going To Be Doing Weekly Streams For Dreams At E3, Little Big Planet creator Media Molecule showed off their new project, Dreams It is quite hard to properly understand what it actually is, but it seems intriguing either way It was pitched as letting people create their own 'dreams' and seemed like a user friendly animation studio, but it wasn't discussed in detail[...]
You Really Must See The Japanese Tearaway Unfolded Trailer
The reworking of the Vita title has been enamoring audiences with its charm and happiness, along with the pure uniqueness of the Media Molecule's game. All of those are descriptors you could give this Japanese ad for the game It is likely the most bizarre thing you've seen since…well the Japanese Destiny trailer[...]
Tearaway Unfolded Gets A Gorgeous Launch Trailer
The art direction is stellar and the way Media Molecule have found inventive ways to incorporate controls and function…it may well be just one of the most charming games around. Take a look at the launch trailer here to see what I'm talking about: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Tearaway Unfolded – Launch Trailer[...]
Tearaway Unfolded Coming To PlayStation 4 In September
I will be very interested in seeing how Media Molecule deal with those mechanics, like those that relied on the back touchpad for instance. I hope I get the time to really explore that game this time around, so to have a date in the calendar is encouraging. Terraway was a bit of a quiet hit[...]