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Are Former Captain Britain Brian Braddock & Meggan Expecting A Baby?
Brian Braddock, the former Captain Britain of the Marvel Universe, and heir to the Otherworld throne and mystical mutant shape-shifting empath Meggan Puceanu have been a couple since the early Jamie Delano and Alan Davis Captain Britain days and through their appearances in Excalibur and X-Men over forty years Some might say the next step[...]
X-Men: Gold #25 cover by Ryan Stegman and Edgar Delgado
Captain Britain and Meggan respond immediately Iceman's X-Men team arrives not long afterwards However, the main Gold team is still in prison and can't join the fight, but that problem may resolve itself sooner than later. X-Men: Gold #25 cover by Ryan Stegman and Edgar Delgado X-Men: Gold #25 presents a pleasingly straightforward story which manages to[...]
X-Men Gold Annual #1 cover by Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, and Chris Sotomayor
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Grey of the X-Men have been invited to visit Captain Britain and Meggan's new baby The five of them have a connection thanks to their Excalibur days, and the three X-Men are eager to see Brian and Meggan's child. Meanwhile, Starhammer, an alien whose species was wiped out by the[...]