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First off, congratulations to Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift (if folks want to blame her for when they lose, then she gets the credit for their wins), Andy Reid's mustache icicles, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs for their 26-7 AFX Wild Card Game win over the Miami Dolphins during a game[...]
How NFL, Peacock Fumbled Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins Stream
Okay, before we get into any of the negative stuff, some good news for some of you about the NFL & Peacock's deal to exclusively stream tonight's AFC Wild Card game between the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs If you're a fan in the Miami and Kansas City areas, you'll be able to watch[...]
Last week, we got the heads up that Special Counsel Jack Smith's probe into Donald Trump's handling of classified material had resulted in Trump being charged with 37 felony counts (31 counts of violating the Espionage Act and another six counts that include obstruction of justice & false statements – check out the indictment in[...]
The Joker Throws Money, Protests Lockdown In Miami, Florida
Miami-based documentary maker Billy Corben has been filming anti-lockdown protests in Miami these past few days Including someone at Miami's South Beach who may have just watched Zack Snyder's new Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie all the way to the end. The Joker Throws Money, Protests Lockdown In Miami, Florida, Billy Corben Twitter video[...]
young rock
From growing up in a strong and resilient family to being surrounded by the wild characters of his professional wrestling family, to playing football at the University of Miami, the show will explore the crazy rollercoaster that has shaped Johnson into the man he is today and the larger-than-life characters he's met along the way[...]
Young Rock found a unique way to promote the show (Image: screencap)
Uli Latukefu's Johnson (age 18-20) has just been recruited to play football on a full scholarship at powerhouse University of Miami Though a superstar talent, a devastating injury during his freshman year puts his life at a crossroads.   View this post on Instagram   #YOUNGROCK Officially KICKIN' OFF PRODUCTION! Ladies & gents, here's the cast of our new[...]
In a letter, the organisers state the following; Florida Supercon Cancels Miami Show on July 4th 2020, Reschedules For 2021 Image from website. To our Super community, As we've always said—you, our fans, and everyone who helps us build this incredible event from exhibitors to creators, are what makes Florida Supercon so special The safety of everyone at[...]
LOS ANGELES - FEB 24: Gabrielle Union at the 10th Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party at Nightingale Plaza on February 24, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA
Looks like NBC is interested in telling the further adventures of Bad Boys II's Special Agent Syd Burnett, with the network giving a formal pilot production green light to an as-yet-untitled movie spinoff series starring Gabrielle Union. Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Written by The Blacklist writers-producers Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier, the project would focus on Union's[...]
ACS Ricky Martin
This one highlights Ricky Martin's role as Versace's long-time lover Antonio D'Amico. D'Amico was present at the time Andrew Cunanan (Darren Criss) approached the home he shared with Gianni Versace (Edgar Ramirez), Casa Casuarina, shooting the famed designer on their front steps. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story | Season[...]
Vin Diesel Can Feel A 'Miami Vice' Reboot Coming In The Air Tonight
Hearkening back to a simpler time when pastel t-shirts with white suits was never not awesome and Glenn Frey had you convinced that yeah, maybe you did belong to the city, NBC announced that it is looking to revive Miami Vice, one of the network's most successful police procedurals…in large part, thanks to Vin Diesel. Shana[...]
Miami Police Arrest The Joker For Carrying A Concealed Weapon
CBS local news reports the arrest of a self-styled Joker by Miami police The arrest happened on Tuesday in the evening, after police received reports of a man with facial tattoos and green hair pointing a gun at passing cars. The 29-year-old Lawrence Sullivan was arrested after an officer reportedly found a Smith & Wesson .380 in[...]
The Rob Granito Of Miami?
Linked to Miami Inkslingers Tattoos, let's take a look at the painted canvas work of Angely Isart. Though some of her portraits seem a little familiar. From Gary Frank…. To Dale Keown… (on sale for $700) To David Finch… To Marc Silvestri… sold for $1,500. Though she admits to this one. None of them are of your design! And mostly for sale without credit, permission or anything… That top[...]