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Titan Bringing Alien Beatles Preacher GOT and More Exclusives to SDCC

Titan Bringing Alien, Beatles, Preacher, GOT, and More Exclusives to SDCC

Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and Powerpuff Girls figures, Star Trek and Preacher books that include show exclusives bonuses, a variant cover for Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer #1 by Robert McGinnis and an ashcan for Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince will also be available Check them all out below!Award-winning fantasy series Shades of Magic makes its[...]

Mike Hammer Gets a New Comic Book Series for Mickey Spillanes 100th Birthday

Mike Hammer Gets a New Comic Book Series for Mickey Spillane's 100th Birthday

Celebrating what would have been author Mickey Spillane's 100th birthday in 2018, Titan Comics is launching a new Hard Case Crime comic book series starring his most famous creation: Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer The series is based on an unproduced Spillane screenplay called The Night I Died, which will be adapted by Road to Perdition[...]

A Long Story Not Short &#8211 Michael Davis From The Edge

"A Long Story Not Short" – Michael Davis, From The Edge

How I knew he meant it was one of his clients was Mickey Spillane, creator of Mike Hammer I mentioned to Jay how much I loved Mike Hammer “It’s yours I’m giving you a year’s option for…a dollar.” I thought he was drunk, lying, or high, or I was drunk, dreaming, or high[...]