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Mighty Mouse Adventure Stories nn (St. John, 1953)
In 1941, Captain Marvel comic book publisher Fawcett Publications touted their mammoth annual Xmas Comics and Gift Comics as "the largest comics in existence" at 324 pages.  But in 1953, publisher St John topped them.  Mighty Mouse Adventure Stories weighed in at 384 pages, and that just might be the largest American comic book to[...]
Terry-Toons Comics #38, Mighty Mouse title splash page, Marvel 1945.
Mighty Mouse had a rather weird and interesting path into comics.  The character that we know today as Mighty Mouse was originally named Super Mouse, and was clearly created as a mouse version of Superman, complete with a familiar-looking red and blue costume and cape.  Paul Terry of Terrytoons fame copyrighted this character on June[...]
Mighty Mouse
Dynamite Entertainment has sent us a writer's commentary featuring Sholly Fisch talking about the fifth and final issue of Mighty Mouse Cover and art by Igor Lima. * * * * * Because YOU demanded it — the LAST issue of Mighty Mouse! Well, okay, it's not really because you demanded it Mighty Mouse was always planned as[...]
Sholly Fisch Wonders If Anyone Will Read His Mighty Mouse #4 Commentary
Dynamite has sent over a writer's commentary from Sholly Fisch on Mighty Mouse #4 The issue has cover and interiors by Igor Lima. * * * * * Y'know, when you're writing these commentaries late at night, you start to wonder (or, at least, I start to wonder) whether anyone's really reading them, or whether you're just entertaining yourself[...]
Writer's Commentary – Sholly Fisch Talks Mighty Mouse #3
We have a new Writer's Commentary from Dynamite today, with Sholly Fisch talking about Mighty Mouse #3, with covers by Igor Lima and J Bone with interiors by Lima. * * * * * Hmm… What can I tell you about this issue that I didn't say the last time I wrote one of these? Well, I[...]
Mighty Mouse
Then we have the Mighty Mouse #3 from Sholly Fisch and Igor Lima and the classic video game turned comic Centipede#2 by Max Bemis and Eoin Marron Finally, we wrap up the previews with KISS / Vampirella #3 by Chris Sebela and Annapaola Martello. Skin & Earth #2 writer: Lights artist: Lights covers: Lights (A, B) Skin&Earth is[...]
Writer's Commentary: Sholly Fisch Talks Mighty Mouse #1
Straight from Dynamite, here's a writer's commentary by Sholly Fish talking about Mighty Mouse #1, which hits stores today Interior art is by Igor Lima with a cover by Alex Ross. How's this for irony? I almost always skip over the commentary track in DVD extras, and yet, here I am writing the commentary for our[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of 5 New Dynamite Series
Continuing the #1 streak is GWAR #1 by Matt Maguire, Matt Miner, Bob Gorman, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and Scott Wygmans, then KISS / Vampirella #1 by Chris Sebella and Annapaola and finally, last but not least, Mighty Mouse #1 by Sholly Fisch and Igor Lima That's 4 #1's and a #0 in the same week[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Masked Men And Pulp Heroes Comics Shipping August 2017
This includes the Gold Key heroes, the Green Hornet, The Avenger and Mighty Mouse. THE SOVEREIGNS #4 Cover A: Stephen Segovia Cover B: Johnny Desjardins Cover C: Denis Medri Cover D: Raúl Trevino Writer: Ray Fawkes (main), Aubrey Sitterson (Doc Spektor back-up) Art: Johnny Desjardins (main), Dylan Burnett (Doc Spektor back-up) Because you demanded it! Tragg and Lorn[...]