Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Heroes of Legend Titles Shipping October 2017

Today we have an exclusive early look at the covers and solicitations for Dynamite's Heroes of Legend titles shipping in October of 2017. These include the The Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit, Justice Inc.: The Avenger, Mighty Mouse, The Shadow, Magnus, and Turok.

Cover A: Ty Templeton | Writer: Fred Van Lente | Art: Bob Q

SHOWDOWN! Green Hornet, Kato & The Spirit vs. Kid Kraken and his army, in a fully evacuated Chicago! And if our heroes somehow manage to survive the deluge of henchmen descending upon them, they MIGHT discover the mystery of the dead astronaut with the knife in his back…

Dynamite's Heroes of Legend

Cover A: Tom Mandrake | Writer: Kyle Higgins, Joe Gentile | Art: Alexandre Shibao

The thrilling series conclusion! The secrets of the Avenger's past are at last revealed — as is the conspiracy against his good name. And since villains from Benson's past have come calling — Justice Inc. is ready to give them a strong right cross as an answer!

MIGHTY MOUSE #5 (of 5)
Cover A: Igor Lima | Cover B: Anthony Marques | Writer: Sholly Fisch | Art: Igor Lima

It was bad enough when Mighty Mouse got trapped in the real world. But now, Mouseville faces an alien invasion! And the aliens are invading our world too! How can Mighty Mouse and his human friend Joey possibly defend two worlds and save the day?

Cover A: Tyler Kirkham | Cover B: Michael Kaluta | Cover C: Charles Wilson III | Writer: Si Spurrier, Dan Watters | Art: Daniel HDR

With political tensions on the rise and lethal copycats committing acts of terror in his name, Mary Jerez grasps at secrets that she believes may be key to returning the Shadow's mind. In doing so she must delve into the war-torn ravages of his past, where she will be confronted with the sins that lurk in the heart of The Shadow himself.

Cover A: Giuseppe Camuncoli | Cover B: Jorge Fornés | Writer: Kyle Higgins (main), Aubrey Sitterson (Doc Spektor back-up) | Art: Jorge Fornés (main), Dylan Burnett (Doc Spektor back-up)

Magnus tracked down the rogue artificial intelligence Frederick, but his plan to propel the conflict between man and AI into an open war is still a threat — and it's time for her to pick a side! Will Magnus be able to choose between her humanity and her moral code? She'll have to…because it's the only way she can prevent the loss of more lives! Also: Doc Spektor, Part 9! The story of the all-new master (and we use the term lightly) sorcerer continues…the newly dumped Doc ends up picking a fight (with the help of his demonic pal Paimon) — and settles his debts with his FISTS!

Cover A: Aaron Lopresti | Cover B: Álvaro Sarraseca | Writer: Chuck Wendig (main), Aubrey Sitterson (Doc Spektor back-up) | Art: Álvaro Sarraseca (main), Dylan Burnett (Doc Spektor back-up)

In order to save his daughter, Turok and his new companions — the thieves Nettle and Marak — must venture to the merchant city of Ak-Tha. But in order to do so, they will have to cross the deadly Storm Lands — an eerie desert landscape plagued with terrifying lightning storms so strong that they warp the very fabric of space and time itself! Also: Doc Spektor, Part 8! The story of the all-new master (and we use the term lightly) sorcerer continues…when Doc is late to a very important date — as the perils of having a demonic drinking buddy become clear.

Dynamite's Heroes of Legend

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