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For this round, our focus returns to Lakeside- but this time, we're getting a more personal perspective about "Mike Ainsel's" Wisconsin hideaway With the series set to return for its third season on Sunday, January 10, the cast of STARZ's live-action series adaptation of author and EP Neil Gaiman's novel are offering viewers some "survival[...]
American Gods Season 3 2021 (Image: STARZ)
But to get things started, here's a look at a new set of preview images showcasing "Mike Ainsel" (aka Shadow) doing a little Lakeside skating, a nervous-looking Tech Boy who doesn't seem to appreciate his uninvited guests, and more. (Image: STARZ) (Image: STARZ) (Image: STARZ) (Image: STARZ) (Image: STARZ) (Image: STARZ) (Image: STARZ) Here's a look back at the official trailer for the[...]
american gods
Welcome @iwanrheon to the #AmericanGods cast! https://t.co/btUxMVql5Z pic.twitter.com/nGTZiCcI3x — American Gods US (@americangodsus) December 4, 2019 Then we have Ricky Whittle, who previewed Shadow aka Mike Ainsel's new "almost" costume for the third season. Let's just put it out there – and with all due respect to the cast – you want eyeballs for the new season? There's your[...]