Mirror's Edge

Mother's Day Game Sales Include Dragon Age, Crysis, Telltale's The Walking Dead, And More!

You've got just about 18 hours to get in on GOG.com's latest sale, which includes a number of EA and Telltale hit games like Dragon Age: Origins, Crysis, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, a number of Sim City, Medal of Honor, and Wing Commander titles, as well as Batman: The Telltale Series, and Telltale's The Walking Dead all for up to 80% off individually or[...]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Is Meeting Expectations Says EA

When Mirror's Edge Catalyst came out, the game landed to a fairly muted reception Reviews were middling, and it doesn't seem that its time in the zeitgeist was long lived at all.Despite all that, EA seem quite please with the game's performance Speaking to GamesIndustry, EA global publishing boss Laura Miele said that the game was[...]

You Can Play A Trial Of Mirror's Edge Catalyst On EA Access Right Now

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is just around the corner now The game is launching very soon, bringing the parkour of Faith back to the gaming landscape.If you can't wait though, you can get stuck in right now if you a member of EA Access For £3.99 a month, you get access to games early and a[...]

Mirror's Edge To Become A Television Show

Mirror's Edge, the first-person parkour video game has an upcoming reboot scheduled and, it seems, a television show.Deadline reports Endemol Shine Studios has optioned the rights to the Electronic Arts video game series with intention of adapting to television."It has a strong female protagonist, a wildly rabid fan base and a worldwide brand that Electronic[...]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Wants You To Run In This Launch Trailer

Mirror's Edge Catalyst isn't very far off at all now It's great that the series is being given a second chance, after the first failed to set the world on fire It's a neat franchise with such a recognisable look.To see what DICE have done with the franchise, take a look at this new launch[...]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Has Been Delayed Two Weeks

Mirror's Edge Catalyst has been a little quiet of late as DICE try and get the game where it needs to be ahead of release That should all change with the impending beta for the game though, as players will finally get their hands on the game.However, in order to interpret the data from the[...]

There Is Mirror's Edge: Catalyst News Coming This Week

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst has actually been pretty quiet since we heard it was getting delayed from February to May not long ago That's actually probably a good sign, as it you'd hope that means DICE have gotten their heads down and are working.That silence won't be in place much longer though There will be some kind[...]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Delayed To May

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will see the series make what some might call an 'unlikely return' The divisive first game had passionate fans, but it was thought it never quite made the sales to earn a new instalment Although, that fanbase was very happy when the prequel/reboot was announced earlier this year.Those fans will be waiting[...]

Catch Her If You Can: Preview Mirror's Edge: Exordium #1 From Dark Horse

Dark Horse is gearing up for the release of their prequel to the upcoming new Mirror's Edge video game, written by Christofer Emgard, Mattias Häggström, Robert Sammelin, and Henrik Sahlström, with art by Erik Persson. Mirror's Edge: Exordium #1 lead up to the events of the highly anticipated new game. This exhilarating comic prequel delves […]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gets a Shiny Gamescom Trailer

I got to play Mirror's Edge Catalyst at E3, and while I am still not certain it solves the problems of the first game, there is something really great about playing a gorgeous next-gen Mirror's Edge. As if to exaggerate that,the game got a beautiful new trailer at EA's Gamescom press conference this morning. It […]

SDCC '15: Indulge In The Art Of Mirror's Edge From Dark Horse

Hot on the heels of an incredible E3 2015, DICE and Dark Horse are set to give Mirror's Edge Catalyst fans the inside track on the artistry and skill on display in the game with The Art of Mirror's Edge. From free running up the tallest skyscrapers to delving into the secrets of the city […]

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Won't Have Any Gun Play

Mirror's Edge is about parkour and melee fighting, meaning it's had a pretty strict no guns policy thus far Some fans had worried that in order to make the game sell, EA would incorporate more FPS elements into the series, specifically the ability to pick up guns and shoot dudes.That won't be the case though,[...]

E3: Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Gameplay Shows The Franchise Revamped

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst is one of EA's most interesting projects, but the first didn't do so well I'm very glad though as the franchise is coming back though as it's a great concept and another bite at the apple will probably help it along.We were given our first look of gameplay at EA's press conference[...]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gets Pretty Rad Box Art

As we now know, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is the name of the next game in EA's ultra colourful first person parkour game We will no doubt see a lot more of the game on Monday during EA's E3 Press Conference, so look forward to that.Before we do though, take a little look at the game's[...]

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Title Seemingly Confirmed

Yesterday I reported that a trademark for Mirror's Edge Catalyst was found online We didn't have any context so it could've been anything, be it a companion app maybe or something else attached to the franchise.It doesn't seem that is going to be the case though, as the Mirror's Edge team are pretty heavily implying[...]

Mirror's Edge Sequel Title Outed By Trademark?

I'm pretty certain we can expect to see Mirror's Edge 2 at EA's press conference on Monday The game was announced two years ago via a short teaser and there was a brief look at it in development last year, but it has more or less been quiet since then.We heard a few weeks ago[...]