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Doctor Who Missing Episodes interview with Philip Morris
In June 2013, Bleeding Cool ran a story reporting gossip that a bunch of Doctor Who's missing episodes had been discovered by an engineer touring the broadcasters of Africa That part of the story was true and the man was Philip Morris Though the number confirmed as discovered was far fewer than rumoured, nine in[...]
Doctor Who And The Missing Episodes – What Really Happened?
Though I am not the only one who has been sent the e-mail. Last year Bleeding Cool ran the story that there was a whole host of Doctor Who missing episodes from the sixties that had been recovered A few months later, a couple of them were announced and made available Since then, there has been[...]
No, The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Have Not Been Officially Announced Yet
Today, BBC News ran an report claiming that the previously presumed missing episodes of Doctor Who had been returned to the BBC and would be put on sale, digitally at the end of the week. A number of websites reported this as the BBC officially confirming the rumour that had been prevalent on news sites since[...]
Doctor Who Missing Episodes – Sunday Trending Topics
I have been told to expect they are from Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Sunday: Doctor Who Missing Episodes – Available This Week (UPDATE) As I was writing this piece, The Radio Times made it official Missing Doctor Who episodes, originating from the Patrick Troughton era have been discovered, and will[...]
Doctor Who And The Missing Episodes Of Doom –  What's Happening This Week
And missing episodes 106 were thought to have been wiped or lost, though that's a reduction of the original amount, after hard work by fans and collectors recovering many episodes around the world over the years. We first started hearing about what's been dubbed the Omnirumour around a year ago, that a huge cache of missing[...]
Doctor Who Missing Episodes – Available This Week (UPDATE)
I have been told to expect they are from Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear. They are believed to originate from a haul discovered in Africa and have been digitally remastered for sale, although exact details remain sketchy. A BBC Worldwide spokesman refused to officially confirm the discovery or the "speculation" around further missing episodes. It[...]
The Sunday People Splashes On The Doctor Who Missing Episodes Omnirumor
Buy the T-shirt. Bleeding Cool has been running the rumours of recovered missing episodes of Doctor Who being discussed among Doctor Who production folk at pace We've run a few additional pieces obviously… But I have repeated come across two versions of what's dubbed the Omni-Rumour Each from those who seem utterly convinced by their position. NOTHING That there[...]
Seems Like The BBC Just Scheduled A Missing Episode Of… Dad's Army?
Two missing episodes of the second series were recovered, but that still left three more, presumed gone for ever. But now, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker has just popped up on MyDigiGuide. Is it a mistake? An error? Something that will be quickly rectified? Or is an actual recovered episode of Dad's Army? And if so,[...]
Two Views On The Doctor Who Missing Episodes
The premier Doctor Who forum, that was birthed by the previous premier Outpost Gallifrey when that site ended. Naturally, they've discussed the Doctor Who Missing Episodes rumour, nicknamed the Omnirumour which encapsulates the belief of some that ninety of so missing episodes of Doctor Who have been recovered – as well as the more recent specific[...]
Dad's Army – The Smoking Gun For Doctor Who Missing Episodes?
Okay, here we go. When I first ran the rumours of the return of Doctor Who Missing Episodes to the BBC, being spread by Doctor Who production folk, I pointed out that the rumours states that Doctor Who was only part of the haul, there were Dad's Army, Morecambe And Wise missing episodes in the haul[...]
Those Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumours Take A Licking But Keep On Ticking
There was a Doctor Who-related dinner-party held a few weeks ago, in which guests were told that two of the guests had signed NDAs and most definitely wouldn't discuss anything regarding missing episodes and not to bring it up. More and more, I'm hearing reports that people have signed NDAs about… something regarding returning episodes of[...]
Film archivist Philip Morris of the Television International Enterprise Archive, who has spent decades travelling the world looking for… lets call it "insecure media", has issued the following statement, regarding his believed involvement in the recovery of a large amount of missing Doctor Who episodes. Much of it is is capitals. A BRIEF STATEMENT . T.I.E.A DOES NOT[...]
BBC Officially Responds To Bleeding Cool Over Doctor Who Rumours
It regards the recent rumours of the return of large number of missing, presumed wiped episodes of Doctor Who, as well as Dad's Army, Morecambe And Wise, The Sky At Night and more that you may have read about on Bleeding Cool over the last few days or even late into the night. Philip Fleming, Head[...]