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Dark Nights: Metal #3 cover by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascencia
Kendra Saunders, Nightwing, Robin, Mister Terrific, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Doctor Fate, Steel, Green Arrow, and Deathstroke are all there waiting for him. They split into teams, searching out locations with the types of metal which could bring down Barbatos and his Dark Knights Hal, Mister Terrific, and the Plastic Man Egg go out into[...]
Green Arrow #32 cover by Stepjan Sejic
I wasn't going to go back and read the other three, one of which is a book I have no interest in whatsoever (here's a hint, it's the one with Harley Quinn). So, take my review with a grain of salt if you feel that disclaimer warrants it. Also, holy crap, Mister Terrific is in it! I[...]
Dark Days: The Forge Review- Mysteries I Didn't Want Or Need Or Care About
For this investigation, Brucey Boy cooperates with Mister Terrific, Mister Miracle, Aquaman, and Superman. Meanwhile, Green Lantern Hal Jordan is sent to Earth by Ganthet to investigate…something We're not really told, but it takes him to the Batcave where he meets up with Duke Thomas The two find a secret passageway in the cave that takes[...]
Blood On The Tracks: Where Are The New Black Comics Writers?
With the cancellation of two of their titles, 100% of African-American DC writers, Eric Wallace and Marc Bernardin* of Mister Terrific and Static Shock, respectively, were laid off. 100 percent. Two writers. Both of them. Let that sink in; in one day, 100% of black writers working for a major entertainment corporation were let go Neither has worked for[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen DC Comics – The Ray, Legion Lost, Suicide Squad, Grifter, Batgirl, Mister Terrific, Batman And Robin, Frankenstein, The Shade, Deathstroke, My Greatest Adventure, Resurrection Man, Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Batgirl and Batwoman
oh and by the looks of things, a stealth turn of Gen 13, integrated into the DC Universe. mini-series imminent?   Mister Terrific! In! Space! I confess that I didn't expect this comic to twist into Flash Gordon/John Carter/Buck Rogers terrotory, one man lost in interdimensional space, trying to create his own loyalties in order to survive[...]
Fourteen Thoughts About Fourteen DC Comics – Batwoman, Batman And Robin, Batgirl, Huntress, Penguin, Legion Lost, Green Lantern, Demon Knights, Superboy, Suicide Squad, Resurrection Man, Mister Terrific, Grifter and Frankenstein
Look,  just start a starvation diet now, okay? T rating my arse. Really disappointed with this Mister Terrific #3 Art issues seem to have led to a style that used computer sourced backgrounds with a heavy shadowy line art that seems completely at odds It's a jarring art decision that may save time but leads to[...]
Wednesday Comics Reviews: Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Deathstroke, Demon Knights, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Green Lantern, Grifter, Legion Lost, Mister Terrific, Red Lanterns, Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad and Superboy
Demon Knights, Red Lanterns, now Mister Terrific #1 by Eric Wallace and Gianluca Gugliotta We get the Gherkin, the London Eye, Doctor Who and Big Ben on page two, and a skyline that seems a little more built up than I'm used to Anyway, as with Red Lanterns, it's narrated flashback time as we get[...]
DC New 52 Preview: Mister Terrific #1
Thanks to CNet's article on the future of DC and digital comics, here are four pages from Mister Terrific #1, by Eric Wallace and Gianluca Gugliotta, with a cover by JG Jones Here are pages 1, 12, 13 and 14. Thanks to CNet's article on the future of DC and digital comics,[...]
Mr Terrific Has Its Third Solicited Art Team In Three Issues
With DC Comics releasing their November solicitations, we can take a look at how the relaunch is handling the creative teams on tight deadlines and no allowance for late books. But no book seems to be suffering this attention more than Mister Terrific All three issues are written by Eric Wallace with covers by JG Jones[...]
The Changing Look Of Mister Terrific
On the left the new design for Mister Terrific as seen on DC's Source blog But on the right, how it originally appeared before being changed a few hours later Was the M on the face a little close to Bishop? Or was it just too "Mr T"? On the left the new design[...]