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This Resident Evil 3 mod has Shrek chasing you down instead of Nemesis.
Piggybacking off the success of the many Resident Evil 2 mods that added strange characters into the game to make it silly and less scary, the newest Resident Evil 3 mod features Shrek, who's more than just an annoying ogre this time around He's got a much more menacing role, and that includes chasing Jill[...]
And thanks to a new player mod from maxolina, you can now ramp up the difficulty scaling for enemy NPCs by nine levels. In the base game (without mods), enemies only scale up to a maximum of four levels above its initial level So if you're at level 20 and come across a level 10 enemy,[...]
'I Heard You Like Doom So We Made A Mod To Put Some Doom In Your Doom'
It's pretty weird that the Doom community continues to make mods for the game all these years after its initial release The classic FPS continues to have a huge community around it that enjoy playing the game to this day It s pretty wild. And here is one particular mod that is especially interesting Modder TheZombieKiller decided to[...]
Bethesda Head Talks About Failed Paid Mods Experiment
This didn't go down so well with fans who had experienced free mods up until that point The outrage was so loud that it didn't take long for the program to be stopped just a few days after launch. Speaking to GameSpot, Bethesda director Pete Hines talked about the experiment, saying that he'd like to see[...]
Doom Creator Says Modders Should Be Paid For Their Work
It was to be a curated site, levels and mods chosen by us at id, and if we put your content on our network we would pay you an amount equal to the traffic that your content drove to the site The idea was that players would log in and be in a big level[...]
Check Out A Snow Covered Los Santos In This GTA Online PC Mod
Mods for Grand Theft Auto V are one of the biggest reasons to be excited about the game's port onto PC Grand Theft Auto IV had a very healthy modding community that brought new life into that world I'm very curious to see what the community does with the newest installment. This is one of the cooler[...]
Techland Made Modding Tools Coming To Dying Light Soon
Every since Dying Light came out, mods have been a pretty contentious issue There have been DMCA strikes on YouTube users uploading gameplay featuring mods and one of the updates for the game made modding much more complicated. Eventually, Techland claimed this was all a misunderstanding and today they've taken steps to rectify the issue[...]
Get Your SuperKick On In This Dying Light Mod
Granted, lots of videos featuring mods of the game on YouTube have had DMCA' against them, but that isn't going to stop a passionate internet community. Here is a mod that really takes the silly to a new level You can do a dropkick in the game, so someone decided to up the power by 100%[...]