The "Untitled Goose Game" Goose Terrifies "Resident Evil 2's" Leon and Claire

The "Untitled Goose Game" Goose Terrifies "Resident Evil 2's" Leon and Claire
Credit: Alister

What happens when the goose from Untitled Goose Game comes to Resident Evil 2? Chaos, that's what.

Modder Alister, the same individual who brought us the Thomas the Tank Engine mod, has done it again. Alister is currently working on as-yet-unfinished mod that brings the goose into the game. He's even wearing Mr. X's fedora, because he's "so fancy like that."

Imagine the horror of the very same jerk goose who wreaks terror on everyone around it in Raccoon City. Terrifying. Think of it this way, though: have you ever wanted to be a tyrant goose? Now's your chance.

When the goose mod is finally completed, it will indeed include honks, just like it should. This new mod is only the latest in a long list of changes people have happily made to one of the most gleeful, chaos-inducing games around. Next, let's get Leon and Claire into Untitled Goose Game so the goose can continue to terrorize them. It's nearly the same setup.

There are far too many great opportunities for taking the core concept and character from Untitled Goose Game and flipping it into another game. This, however, is one of the best. What should modders tackle next? We don't know, because it's going to be hard to top this.

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