Get Your SuperKick On In This Dying Light Mod

While my progress has been quite slow in Dying Light (review coming soon, I promise!), I've quite enjoyed my time with it. It does seem to have a fluctuating tone though. It's a lot of fun, but sometimes, it feels like it wants you to take things super seriously.

Well, the modding community has been at the game already making sure that seriousness is truly busted down. Granted, lots of videos featuring mods of the game on YouTube have had DMCA' against them, but that isn't going to stop a passionate internet community.

Here is a mod that really takes the silly to a new level. You can do a dropkick in the game, so someone decided to up the power by 100% to see what happened. It turns out a lot of far flying zombies happened.


If you want harness this master kicking power within the game, be sure to take a look over here.

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up.