Check Out A Snow Covered Los Santos In This GTA Online PC Mod

Mods for Grand Theft Auto V are one of the biggest reasons to be excited about the game's port onto PC. Grand Theft Auto IV had a very healthy modding community that brought new life into that world. I'm very curious to see what the community does with the newest installment.

This is one of the cooler mods I've seen so far too since last week's launch. Coming from ECB2 (via Gamespot), this alteration brings snow to the entirety of Los Santos in GTA Online. It actually creates a beautiful cityscape and the fog effect is pretty convincing.


Fair warning. This is for GTA Online. While this is purely cosmetic, Rockstar might not take too kindly to any mods being used in multiplayer games whatsoever.

Thanks to imperfectplayers for the video. There are instructions for how to get and install it there.