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The Tiniest Sketches of Moebius Go For Big Money At Auction
And that includes these remarqued prints by Moebius.  Jean Henri Gaston Giraud was a French artist, cartoonist, and writer who gained worldwide fame under the pseudonym Moebius, as well as Gir His most famous works include the series Blueberry, Arzach, and the Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius He also collaborated with Alejandro Jodorowsky for an unproduced[...]
Primitive Skateboarding is taking classic superhero artwork by legendary French artist Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, and emblazoning it across a line of skateboards and skater gear as part of the new MARVEL x MOEBIUS Collection Images of Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Iron Man, The Punisher, and The Thing are available across Primitive's line of[...]
Humanoids continue to publish as much Moebius comic books as they can Including Angel Claws with Alexandro Jodorowsky, including a afterword by Widmaeier-Diana Picasso, the granddaughter of Pablo Picasso Take a look at what else the publisher has planned for March 2019. ANGEL CLAWS HC (MR) JAN191939 (W) Alejandro Jodorowsky (A) Moebius The duo of Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius lead us[...]
Sable Artwork
It looks and feels like a Moebius comic book come to life Hopefully the gameplay can match the gorgeous art style and give us one of the most jaw-dropping and fun experiences we will have for awhile in gaming. There is no release date being offered at the moment, but we will let you know when[...]
Humanoids Unveils New Logo For Metal… Teases More To Come
It's not that different from the previous logo… just a word less French. Metal Hurlant, French for Screaming Metal, was created back in 1974 with Humanoids by Moebius, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Philippe Druillet and Bernard Farkas The publisher has been lead through most of it's history by CEO Fabrice Giger, had this to say: "Since the 70s, METAL[...]
Dark Horse Announces Details Of The Moebius Library At ECCC For His 60th Anniversary As A Published Comics Creator
Dark Horse Comics and Moebius Production in France are publishing the first of several volumes in the forthcoming Moebius Library, beginning with The World of Edena. As they point out, 2016 represents not only Dark Horse Comics' 30th anniversary, but also Moebius's 60th anniversary of his very first published comic. Collecting all the Edena short stories in a deluxe, hardcover[...]
Camera One To Return Dune Production Artwork To The Estate Of Moebius
As well as his many personal credits, Jean-Marc Lofficier worked with Moebius – Jean Giraud – extensively over their lives, including translating many of his works into English. Which is why it seems so fitting that he should choose to translate and analyse a French legal decision regarding the estate of Jean Giraud and a French film[...]
The Massive Moebius Book That Might Just Be…
Years ago, storyboard artist for Harry Potter, Avengers and Mission Impossible films Sylvain Despretz told Jonathan Ellis about a project regarding his mentor and legendary comics creator, Moebius. "A few years ago, I started a project: I taped hundreds of hours of conversations with him about Drawing, over a long period of time… I've started transcribing these tapes, and I have[...]
The Metabaron To Return In 2016
Humanoids Publishing has announced that The Metabaron will return in 2016 in a four book series, based on a story by series co-creator
Farel Dalrymple's The Wrenchies Is A Beautifully Brutal Masterpiece
Oh, and they're only a bunch of kids. In The Wrenchies from First Second Books (due out in September), it's as if creator Farel Dalrymple shoved time-travel, aliens, magic and Moebius through a meat grinder and painted the pages of his young adult graphic novel with the final blended product At times it's hard to figure[...]
Humanoids Buys Original Moebius Missing Logo From Auction – Updated
When Humanoids was first founded over 40 Years ago in Paris, Jean "Moebius" Giraud  hand drew the logo for the company The original piece of art has been missing ever since It showed up in a Manhattan auction last week where Humanoids bought it back. It's not known what the purchase price was or how it[...]
Humanoids Signs Deal To Have Books Published In The U.K.
the international publisher and regular home of artists like Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius has announced a deal with Turnaround Publishing Service to publishing their books directly in the United Kingdom. Humanoids UK Liaison, Tim Pilcher, said,  "Bringing these titles directly to the UK means that they are now more affordable and accessible to a rapidly growing readership who are[...]
Unblocking Moebius
        We respectfully ask the estate of Jean Giraud, aka MŒBIUS, to authorize the publication of English-language editions of his comics by HUMANOIDS PUBLISHING, FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS, or any other suitable English-language publisher that shows interest. Craig Fischer writes on behalf of the Moebius USA Petition Facebook page. I'm a comics fan and blogger who'd like to wallow momentarily in[...]
Swipe File: Jimi Hendrix And Lou Reed
Jimi Hendrix by Moebius And Lou Reed by Jamie Hewlett Decades apart but joined together by influence… In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox We trust you, the reader, to make that judgment yourself[...]
Stumptown 2012: Quenched Consciousness — A Tribute to Moebius
    Gavin Lees writes for Bleeding Cool; Since his untimely passing last month, there has been an enormous outpouring of tributes to Jean "Moebius" Giraud.  It seemed only appropriate, then, to have the keynote panel of this year's Stumptown Fest be a reflection on the legendary creator's life. It began with a screening of Hasko Baumann's 2007[...]
Tuesday Runaround: Moebius Stripped
That and I'm not an angry mohawked teenager anymore, so it's nice to find bands that embody qualities that I love about black metal, but aren't afraid to whip out their acoustic guitars and bring it down from 11 to maybe five or six when the song calls for it. BBCWatch: Moebius on BBC4. EthanWatch: That Rob[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 12th March 2012
Happy birthday to Eve. This is a week in which we said goodbye to Moebius And Marvel announced a new dedication to comics created for digital devices, exploiting the medium's potential I sometimes think Jen Giraud was born too soon, he'd have loved digital possibilities I ran a video with Giraud sketching on a tablet –[...]
Will Marvel Do Right By Moebius' Memory?
In February, Marvel was meant to have republished Silver Sufer: The Parable by Stan Lee and Moebius, created in the eighties and one of the few Marvel owned projects that pays the creators royalties. That was the deal agreed before Jean Giraud would work on the book, as it is standard for European contracts. The book is[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: The Imagination Of Moebius
Moebius has passed away at the age of 73, and left us a legacy of art, imagination, and ideas that will continue to help propel us into the future for countless generations to come When I think of the most creative artistic minds of recent history, I always think of Moebius alongside Jack Kirby Very[...]
Tributes To Moebius – From Beginning To End To Back Again
A Moebius study of Death It cost me as much as I was paid to write an issue of Sandman, and I bought it without a qualm. By Neil Gaiman [youtube][/youtube] He then asked if I drew, which I confirmed was the case, and mentioned my linework was especially influenced in a visual sense by George Herriman. "Krazy Kat!"[...]
Remembering Moebius Through His Art
Translated and republished in English, his science fiction work under the name of Moebius especially influenced the entire industry. And then he went and did the same thing to Japan as well To influence three separate comics industries so heavily, and still working into his seventies, this is a dark day but also an opportunity to[...]
Swipe File: Dave Taylor And Moebius
Batman by Dave Taylor, working on Batman: Death By Design with Chip Kidd. Batman by Moebius from Batman: Black & White. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, jokes, coincidences or works[...]
Moebius Exhibition In Paris Is Immense
The Fondation Cartier Pour L'Art Contemporain in Paris is currently showing an exhibition devoted to the work of Moebius, as well as his other pseudonym Gir and real identity Jean Giraud. Devoted to his comics work, the display is… well Rather impressive It includes his notepads, paintings, unpublished pieces and an animated film The theme of[...]