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Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Announced At MineCon
When Microsoft acquired Mojang for $2 billion, there was always a wonder as to what this would mean in the grand scheme of things Could we expect a new Minecraft for example? At MineCon, which is happening in London right now, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta was announced Mojang are claiming this is a "whole new[...]
There Is Already A Splatoon Minecraft Mod
Youtuber SethBling threw together this mod for the Mojang game that is a faithful recreation of Splatoon The same rules apply: cover as much ground as possible in coloured ink Th more coloured ink at the end of the match wins. Check out a video of it in action here, and then go try it yourself by heading[...]
On Saturday, 1.4 Million People Were On Minecraft Concurrently
To illustrate that number, you could give a copy to every single person who lived in South Korea and probably still have several million left. The game appears to be as popular as ever too with Mojang developer Nathan Adam recently revealing a couple of updated totals to the public A few day ago, he took[...]
Minecraft Was The Second Most Searched For Term On Youtube In 2014
Mojang's Marc Watson announced the figure on Twitter saying: Minecraft for PC passed 18 million sales today :o — Marc Watson (@Marc_IRL) January 5, 2015 That is for PC alone too Minecraft is on just about every platform, from mobile to consoles It does very well for itself on each and every one of those devices too. The total[...]