The Gaming Top 10: Destiny Sells $500M, Arkham Knight And GTA V Get Release Dates, Microsoft Buying Mojang And More

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool:

As we trundle towards the packed fourth quarter, it has actually been a surprisingly busy week for gaming news. Lots of release dates and corporate goings on dominate the gaming world this week, but for the most part they are good! Release dates and new games are always a good thing, especially as hostility in the gaming community continues.

Oh yeah, and Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny, Destiny etc. Speaking of…

Destiny Generates $500 Million On Day One While New Events Announced For This Month

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In case you hadn't noticed, a little game called Destiny came out this week. The new game from Bungie landed on Tuesday and it seems quite a few people noticed as the game went on and sold $500 million worth on day one. Granted that is to retailers, but the figure is nothing to scoff at. This makes the game the biggest new video game IP launch ever and ensures we're going to be seeing a lot more of Activision's newest cash cow in the future.

Speaking of, Bungie have announced they will be supporting Destiny with events through out this month and going into next month. The company announced Salvage, a new Crucible mode that is available now and the game's first Raid, Vault of Glass, which is available on September 16th. They also promised Combined Arms and The Queen's Wrath later this month, but no word as to their content yet. This support is a key sign that Bungie are going to be adding content and diversity to Destiny in the very near future. That should be good news to those that are already maxing out their guardians.

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 And PC Version of Grand Theft Auto V Get Release Dates

Rockstar announced this week that the next-gen Grand Theft Auto V would be hitting the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 18th, 2014. However, if you are one of the of those that signed a petition for an PC version of the game, sadly your wait goes on as the PC version of the game won't be releasing until January 27th, 2015.

The game will come with all kinds of extras that didn't feature in the game's initial release. New cars, shooting ranges and on PC, it's set to come with 100 new songs for the game's famous radio stations.

Oculus Rift Getting Google Glass Type Roll Out Starting In April?

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After what feels like forever, the Oculus Rift might finally have a consumer release date. Tech Radar have said they have it on good authority that the VR headset will get a public beta by 'Summer of next year'. One of their sources even specifically cited April 2015, but that it was possible that date could get pushed back,

Sadly, this doesn't mean that you will be able to get the headset at your local store by Summer. The report says that the product will have a "Google Glass style roll out" where certain consumers will get the product before it is on sale for everyone.

If I was a betting man, I'd say it isn't unrealistic to expect the headset on consumer shelves by the fourth quarter of 2015, but that is speculation completely on my part.

Super Smash Brothers Roster Revealed and Demo Coming to Everyone

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It is nearly that time again. Super Smash Brothers is on the horizon, and Nintendo's brawler has been surrounded by speculation pertaining to the game's roster since it was announced. It seems that speculation might be over though as Japanese players who have received the game early are showing off the entire roster for the 3DS version of the game. Their findings show Duck Hunt dog, Falco, Mr. Game-and-Watch and Dr. Mario along with the rest of Nintendo's most famous roster. That puts the tally of playable characters up to 46. It isn't clear if this will be the final roster for the Wii U version which is coming at a later date.

The 3DS version launches on October 3rd, but if you can't wait that long, you might be lucky enough to try the game before then. The demo will be available from September 19th on the eStore. Select members of Club Nintendo Platinum already have the game and extra codes to boot. So if you know someone who got the demo early, it might be time to shimmy up to them.

Metal Gear Solid Collection Coming This Year?

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Hideo Kojima may have announced a new Metal Gear Collection set to release this year on his Twitter account…Or maybe it is a collection of Metal Gear chocolates Kojima previously tweeted about. Kojima tweeted the photo featuring the title 'Metal Gear Solid Collection 2014'. There is some debate online as to what the tweet means without any context.

If it really is a new collection getting players ready for Metal Gear Solid 5, it does seem odd that it's been announced so late in the year. Keep an eye on this one. This could just be Kojima messing with his audience as he is prone to do.

Assassin's Creed Unity Shows Off Co-Op Heist Missions

Ubisoft have released a trailer outlining co-op Heist missions in Assassin's Creed Unity and how they work. The developer is trying to make sure to fill their world with worthwhile things to do with your friend as this is the first Assassin's Creed game that features free roaming co-op multiplayer.

Also, bonus points for the now universal trend of Ubisoft gameplay videos being narrated by a soft, yet deep-voiced developer on the development team.

Ray Rice Removed From Madden 15

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In a sensible move by EA, the Madden team have moved quickly to remove Ray Rice from the game. I'm sure I don't have to go over the details of why this is the case, but following the player's excommunication from the league, his video game avatar has seen the same treatment.

Microsoft Look Set To Buy Mojang

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The Wall Street Journal has reported that Microsoft are in talks to buy Minecraft creator Mojang in a move that would see corporation take over the mega-series. While it is unclear what this acquisition would mean for Minecraft in the long run, exclusivity is already out the window since the game is available on just about every non-Nintendo platform. Reuters have also reported that we would likely see an announcement on Monday all but confirming the validity of the purchase.

Does this mean that it's at all possible we could see an Xbox exclusive Minecraft 2? Or is Microsoft just getting a slice of the game's huge merchandising profits? At the moment, it's really too early to say.

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets a June Release Date and a Big Batmobile Statue


Rocksteady have announced that Batman: Arkham Knight will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on June 2nd, 2015. That is a full 8 months after the game's initially announced release date of October 14th, 2014. This is a bit later than most fans were hoping, but it does ensure Rocksteady have more time to make the game great.

Also, if you have a spare $200, you can now pre-order a version of the game that comes with a big Batmobile statue. So there is that.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Gets a Trailer and Will Be Released Episodically

It was announced this week that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 would be split up into several episodes, receiving a new installment every week. The surprise hit for the franchise harkens back to  Resident Evil's survival horror roots and is now generally thought more favourably of than… well whatever the main series has turned into.

The game will be lead by Resident Evil 2's Claire Redfield and Barry Burton's daughter Moira. Capcom have also released a trailer for the game, making things look pretty spooky.

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